Thursday, pre-long holiday weekend.

9 04 2009

Weather: High: 57 degrees and partly sunny.

YAY for getting out of work early OFFICIALLY today and not having to take another PTO hour. And Double Yay for having tomorrow off!

Easter Weekend.  Can’t believe we’re here already. Mayonnaise Buffet (Smörgåsbord) at Mor’s and plenty of chocolate that will put me off sweets for at least a couple months.

Taxes are already done, including mailing our payment to the Indiana IRS. (I work in Illinois, so when tax time comes, I get a full reimbursement of my Illinois taxes, but I have to turn around and hand that refund to Indiana. And it’s never enough to cover the Indiana taxes because Illinois takes out less. Sigh.) We’ll supposedly be recieving our Federal Refund tomorrow. On a Payday. Not complaining about the extra funds in the till. Of course we have to take Gretchen (the Jetta) in to get her transmission checked and that potentially will grab half the refund we’re getting. Never fails, does it?

Was very excited to see that Holy Clothing extended their dress sale by one day. I can GET SOME CLOTHES! I’m looking at this dress and this dress . I also am considering this shirt.

Add to the WOO fest that I got paid TODAY instead of tomorrow! VELLY HAPPY!

Of Course this means bills have to be paid first before I shop, but there you go. 🙂

ETA: Got the dresses and shirt. YAY!

Time to scramble! Off to the races…




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