Spending Wednesday in Excel Hell.

8 04 2009

Weather: High: 53 Degrees and partly sunny.

Gonna be a vexing day on many fronts today. Excel Hell is commencing and there are plenty of backlogged projects waiting in the wings.

Gonna have lunch with my friend Lisa today. Will be nice to spend some time with her and get away from the office for a bit.

Just back from Starbucks (Got the fruit & cheese plate & an iced green tea–nom nom nom.) Had a nice talk with Lis, talking about a lot of gardening  and family stuff. We’re getting together with her and Tom on Saturday. Sunday is glommed up with Easter debacle.

Need to get some more clothes from Holy Clothing. Love their stuff and it’s well priced.  Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until payday on Friday. And their sale is ending THURSDAY. 😦

Heather just kinda reminded me that I need to get downstairs and pull out the banker’s box with all my old stories in it. Time to organize them into some semblance or order.

Day got away from me again. Dammit.




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