Oops! Skipped a day. Tuesday make up day. :)

7 04 2009

Weather (Yesterday): COLD. MESSY. YUCK. (In the 30s with slush)
Today: high: 43 degrees and partly sunny

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. WOrk was VERY demanding and I got little if any online posting done. Well, other than blathering on Twitter & Facebook. Not very substantive stuff.

Got a metric tonne of writing done this weekend. WTLGD is shaping up nicely. May almost be ready for final edits…IF I CAN FIGURE OUT THE DAMN ENDING!

Sent off some more chapters to the Cabal for reading. Hopefully I get a good thumbs up on it. Need to flesh out the descriptions on Delphine and add more tension to the encounter.

Tonight is gonna be a busy one. Once I get home, Bri and I will go for our nightly walk, then home for dinner, a little bit of cleaning, then NEW FRINGE ZOMG! and probably some writing after that. Hopefully I’ll be in bed by 10. Need to get some decent sleep.

So. I guess this will be shorter than I wanted it to be. But that shall be remedied soon. Have Friday off (Good Friday) and a long weekend after that. WOot.

Plans for Seattle will be made this weekend. And Tix will be bought for Dragon*Con. WE ARE GOING!

Ciao for now.




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