Friday and Feeling…well, okay.

3 04 2009

Weather: High: 50 degrees with am showers and WIND!

Back at work after a nice Mental Health day. Don’t know if one day was enough, but it will suffice.  Thank goodness it’s Friday. So I have the weekend ahead of me as well.

Intestinal tract has decided to go on strike. Painfully. So I took my usual cocktail of Magnesium Citrate and some YoPlus yogurt and hoping for the best. My digestive tract has not been working right in months.And I’m getting a little tired of doing the tap dance with supplements and food change-arounds just to get it jump started again. I’m not eating bad foods (Bri and I have sworn off fried foods and are staying away from most processed foods as well. ) so you’d think the system would have started self-regulating. But no. 😦

Day has gone by weirdly. Feels strange mostly because I had yesterday off and today feels like a Monday but it’s a Friday and my brain is all WTF? man!

Supernatural last night was FTW! The meta refs to fandom, which I know sent a lot of fanfic writers scurrying to private their Wincest stories, and the pokes at the fandom criticisms of the show…Just loved it all. And the second half of the show that made me cringe a lot, not for the plot twists but for how harshly the characters are getting treated.

Eleventh Hour was also made of awesome, but Rufus Sewell elicited much PWP thoughts which inevitably went into the Large Plot Bunny Tupperware for later useage. 🙂

Must dash now. LARGE manuscript to lug home and peruse. And again, many thanks to the benevolent deities that it’s Friday and I have two more days away from this place. 🙂




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