1 04 2009

Weather: High: 55 Degrees and sunny, though you couldn’t tell from the violent wind this morning!

Feeling better today. And there won’t be any pranks or rickRolls today from me. I’m of the opinion that pranks work better when unexpected. Today is kinda obvious, don’t you think? PEople are kinda LOOKING for pranks. MAybe the best April Fool’s Day Prank is NOT DOING ANYTHING and letting people waste time trying to figure out the HIDDEN PRANK. Hee.

Definitely gonna need that day off tomorrow. And I’m intending to spend the day offline, and with a phone moratorium. Brian’s already told me he’s gonna leave me alone to get some writing done. I’ll probably spend the day doing just that and watching some movies as well. I need a day away from work, people and stress. And a day that’s not sucked up by chores, errands and constant check-ins from the family.

WOW. Apparently some guy just took a dirt dive out of the 40th floor of my building. Just surreal. Not often a suicide happens in the building your in. If the timing’s correct, he jumped 10 minutes after I arrived at work. Kinda creepy to think that, had I been running late, I would have witnessed it. ::shudders::

Feeling a kind of bipolar swing of anxiety and depression today. Figure it’s more mental purging. Can only hold on to so much crap before the Tupperware starts leaking.

Am enjoying all the April Fools Day stuff from various sites. Think Geek, Google and a number of other sites have very clever sites put up. Trent Reznor posted a joke album.
Neil had a link to a post on Tor Books. Frankly the woman in question is INSANE. LOL!


It looks like Doctor Who crossed with Pitch Black!!! ZOMG WANTSES IT NOW!!!

Trying to rush through some last minute work. Ta for now.

Next post will be on Friday.




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