Rainy Thursday and short day, TTG!

30 04 2009

Weather: High: 66 Degrees and RAINY. No really, REALLY RAINY!

Better mood today, though I have to admit the weather and a warm office are lulling me into a a sleepy Boo again.

Getting worried about our trip to Seattle. There are now cases of Swine Flu out there and I’m concerned there might be travel limitations imposed soon.

Mom is coming over on Sunday to help us get our travel plans together.

Early home tonight, since Brian had his Master Gardner class. I’m really glad he’s enjoying it so much. And I have to admit, the alone time is good for me too. Not that I need time away from Bri, but it’s allowed me to not worry whether he’s needing anything or if I want to watch something he doesn’t etc.

Oh noes! Starting to have the beginnings of a headache. NO TO MIGRAINE!! NO NO NO!

Short post for a short day.

Hasta la bye bye till tomorrow.

Lostnesday. And I seem to have a chip on my shoulder.

29 04 2009

Weather: High: 62 degrees and overcast. Kinda like my mood.

Wow did I wake up in a pissy mood this morning. Well, let me adjust that to read, woke up from my nap on the train with a major chip on my shoulder.  Listened to abrasive music on the i-pod shuffle as I walked to the office. Didn’t really do much to improve my mood.

I think the problem is stemming from what I said yesterday. I’m beginning to resent a lot of people’s demands on my time. It’s nothing more than flat out exhaustion and depression talking. Only problem is lately when these two crop up, I don’t get down, I get PISSED.  Not a good headspace for work, that’s for damn sure.

Work is just making me feel more and more like walking out. GOt too much on the plate again. And all I want to do is get moved and throw myself fully into my writing.

Heather just launched a plot bunny at me unintentionally (Or maybe intentionally, come to think about it! LOL!) and I have something that needs working into the next chapter of the Librarian PWP. I swear this novella is gonna be the death of me. Or at least my hormones. GAH!

Had fast food for lunch. Body hates me now. May not be on speaking terms for the rest of the day.

Heading home. Lost tonight and some possible writing.

Tuesday. Raining Again. Cold Returns.

28 04 2009

Weather: High: 52 degrees and Partly sunny. Eventually.

Have come to the conclusion that I am definitely an anti-social person. Not for any other reason that I just don’t want to hang out with a lot of people any more. Noone specific, in all seriousness. I don’t mind online activity, and e-mail. And this is going to sound like the height of arrogance and selfishness, but honestly, anything that takes away from my writing and planning for the future right now feels like a waste of my time. It makes me angry and resentful.

Maybe writing is a kind of addiction. I know I get jittery and moody when I’m not able to do it. Brian will go so far to say I get downright ornery. I think what’s happened is that there is so much stress crap in my life right now that escaping into my created worlds has become my therapy. My husband and my writing, the only two things I really give a rats ass about right now. Seriously. I can’t muster the energy to give a crap about anything else. Does this make me a bad daughter, bad sister, bad friend? Probably. But I’m kinda lacking the “I give a crap” trigger on that.

Excited about getting VNV Nation tix today! July 10th (A FRIDAY for once!) at the House of Blues!!! (Easy to get to and if Bri and I get there with enough time we can get a bar seat! (Yes, we’re lame like that. We’ll sit back behind the bar at the tables rather than get buffeted around in the crowd. I’ve already put my time in the pits. Not so much fun when you’re over 40. 🙂 )

Gonna watch an episode of Castle over lunch. Because I’m just that big of a fangirl. Damn I wish I could write dialogue as good as it is on this show. REALLY good old school banter, a la Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant in His Girl Friday! Or Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story! SERIOUSLY.

Lunch was a sandwich and soup, comfort food for a dreary day. Minimal sun to be seen, not that I’m a fan in any context. But it’s cold and gloomy. Makes for a better day of staying under the covers and snogging or cuddling. Sigh.

CANNOT WAIT! Now, just waiting patiently for the box set and for the new album. ::chews nails to nothing::

Monday. Warm. Post-Heart Attack (not real)

27 04 2009

Weather: High: 75 degrees (ZOMG!) and Thunderstorms. NOT READY FOR THIS!!

Near had a coronary last night. Was finishing up some edits on the manuscript for When the Lights Go Out, and  had just clicked the save icon when Word seized and started throwing up errors and recovery notices. I immediately panicked and tried to figure out how to retrieve my manuscript but it was a no go. The recovery text doc was 170 pages of QUESTION MARKS! Now,this normally would have been a reason to commit hari-kiri. But uckily for me, I a a huge believer that paranoia can save your cookies sometimes.

Needless to say, I had the entire thing backed up on Y-Writer and had the breakout beta versions I sent out to the girls for reading. Now, I did lose all the edits I did last night, which is vexing, and will have to recreate some of the more recent edits again. Sigh. Lots of tedious retread work.  But I won’t bitch. Because the alternative would have been losing the whole damn story and then we’re talking tryiong to recreate a year and 170 pages worth of writing. I would have been relegated back to transcribing from my moleskines and attempting to recreate all the additional dialogue and scenarios. And that would have been a NIGHTMARE!

So lots of editing ahead of me tonight. Along with Heroes season finale and a new Castle to squee about.

Not feeling particularly social of late. Mostly because of the amount of writing that needs to be done.

Friday again. Migraine addled and soulsick.

24 04 2009

Weather: high: 83 degrees (WTF!?) and Windy. Early blast of summer….Gah!

Not too happy at the mo. Migraine Fairy has come back to poke at me, the bitch.

Also,  am fairly annoyed at myself for not switching off the telly last night and getting the damn writing done. FALE, Heidi. EPIC FALE.

Had to run and get some food as the migraine meds were screwing up my stomach. Salad +sushi & I’m good. Also–Iced Green Tea is my new crack.

Great. Just frakking great. The south shore is down for the count because some ASSHOLE ran his pickup truck into the electric poles that support the power lines for the trains. INTENTIONALLY. Little fucker fled on foot from the cops. And he managed to do such a bang up job that the South Shore is SUSPENDED now. Gonna carpool & train it home with my Indiana co-workers via Metra. Hope they honor my SS Ticket. FRAK!!

UPDATE on Train Fuckwittery. My co-worker is gonna give us a lift to Indiana from Thornton, and my other co-worker will take me from there to Home. Done and Sorted.

Tonight there will be BLOOD PIZZA and movies and Dollhouse and possibly, if I’m very lucky, some naughty acrobatics to take my mind off this week and the resulting migraines.

Epic Fail Whale Thursday!

23 04 2009

Weather: High: 69 degrees (!!!) and sunny. Looks like We’re getting our Spring on with a vengeance!

So not mentally in the right space for work. Seriously.

Need to get a lot of writing done tonight. So no lollygagging. Will wathc Supernatural and try and turn the telly off after that. Want to get Chapter 4 of the Librarian story done. Have notes from my friends who are in both the Library world and have participated in D/s relationships, so I can get some of the realism put through this.

By the way, for those not in the Writing Cabal — THis is the Librarian. OR at least the visual I’m working off of. …

Clive Owen as the Librarian

Clive Owen as the Librarian

Yes. Very Very Hot. And zomg…the movie I have running in my head as I write this story? Makes the “Masque” scene in “Eyes Wide Shut” look like a Disney film.

Have a nice project ahead of me this weekend. Gonna make some writer’s cabal shirts designs and get them uploaded to CafePress. WOOT!

Groggy Wednesday with added ZZZzzzz.

22 04 2009

Weather: High: 55 Degrees & Partly sunny.

Almost typed that as partly sinny. My slip is showing again.

Spent the bulk of the morning putzing around with the IBM guys. Not much accomplished on that front. They have to come back at the end of the day so we can take the server offline to fix it.

Attempting to get some writing done over lunch. Difficult with prying eyes around. Vampires are one thing, but writing a rather explicit D/s scene for a PWP is not exactly what you want people reading over your shoulder. Sigh.

Heading out. Day has bee bogged down in other crap. More interesting posts tomorrow.

Depeche Mode TUESDAY!

21 04 2009

Weather: High: 43 degrees (!!!) and rainy with poss. Snowy Mix. WTF?MOTHERNATURE!!!

Depeche Mode’s ” Sounds of the Universe” is released today and I’m sitting here basking in the darkly visceral sounds. The album is amazing. Right now I think my favorite song is “corrupt”, which seems appropriate.  😉

Boss is teaching class this morning and handed me the assignment of contacting IBM about an error message on one of our big multi-array blade servers. So there went my morning. Spent the bulk on the phone with IBM and running back and forth between my desk and the server room.  Then the migraine fairy paid a visit and so now I’m sitting here clutching my head and waiting for the meds to take effect while cursing the noise and light and any petty request that comes near my desk.  Yeah. I’m Mary Fucking Sunshine today.

Having some food seems to help calm the skull drilling demon.  Today’s banquet of delight includes a salad, some corn, potatoes and a bottle of green tea. NOM.

Gonna get a little more writing done today while on lunch. Concocted a rather interesting scene while on the train home last night.  Involving collars and spreaders and floggers, oh my.  ::dirty::

Brian burned me copies of the Boxer Rebellion albums  and a new Sigur Ros album, so I’m literally SWIMMING in gorgeous new music today. About the only thing that is salvaging my mood.

Well, writing was made of fale because I was busy burning CDs, mocking up stationary for a broker and generally laying waste to my office in response to all the fluorescent lights here.

Off to catch my train and listen to the new DM album. Bliss!

New Fringe tonight and I’m looking very much forward to it.

With a Rainy Monday, Feeling inside…

20 04 2009

Weather: High: 52 degrees and RAIN. Lots of RAIN.

Weekend was schizophrenic– Saturday was sunny & in the 70s, Sunday was raining and in the low 50s.

Got an amazing amount of writing done this weekend. 7000+  words, mostly on the dirty dirty Librarian story. Tells you where my mind was.

Work is already getting on my last nerve today. WTF? PEople! Call the HOTLINE not my DIRECT LINE! GAH!

Spent the bulk of the morning with something irritating my eye. Turned out to be a damn hunk of cat hair. Sigh.

One of my friends has us concerned. He’s been depressed lately and now seems to have deleted all his blogs and social networking sites.  To say I’m worried would be vastly understating the situation.

Brian just called to let me know my shipment from Holy Clothing just arrived. WOOT! NEW CLOTHES!

Weather is just not helping my mental malaise right now. We’re supposed to have snow tomorrow. SNOW!!! ::shakes fist at sky::

Brian’s gotten me hooked on another band. The Boxer Rebellion. They sound like this:

Their music is all over the place. I kinda described them previously as taking Radiohead, Travis and Kasabian and putting them in a blender. And they’re not hard on the eyes either. YAY for new music. 🙂 Another band I’m looking into is Friendly Fires. and they sound like THIS:

Anyway. Time to wrap up and go hom. Castle to watch, PWP to work on, and brain to quiet.

It’s Friday right?? SERIOUSLY??

17 04 2009

Weather: High: 70 degrees FTW!!! And sunny. And I’m stuck in the office! WAH!

This week has been a bit of a tough slog.

Will be definitely getting some writing done this weekend as it looks to be a rainy set of days. Always get a lot done when the weather cooperates!

Spending my lunch hour getting typing done on the infamous Librarian story. Promised Heather I’d get her an early rough draft of the first section, as she’s needing some inspiration for her own PWP.  LOL!

After I get things sorted on the writing front this weekend, I’m gonna start posting weekly stats on all the stories as I’m getting through them. This will put added pressure on me so I can show some advancement each week.

Gonna be finalizing our Seattle plans over the weekend. And hopefully finding someplace to rest our weary heads at Dragon*Con where we won’t have to make a horrific drive into Atlanta every day.

The girl bits are trying to make me miserable today. TMI, I know.

Time to bail. See you all after the weekend. Hopefully with some updates stats on the writing scene.