Tension Tuesday.

31 03 2009

Weather: High: 55 degrees and raining. And Last Day of March.

Tension is the word of the day in the office today.

Apparently there have been some people being asked to change to Part Time and a scanning project that involves my indirectly has just turned ridiculously high volume. So yeah. Some tendrils of tension snaking around the office.

I’m taking a mental health day on Thursday.  I’ve reached that point where my brain is so burnt out that I’m hovering on the edge of a breakdown. I can’t focus at work. I can’t focus at home. I’m letting too many things slide in my life because I just can’t find any amount of energy to care. And I’m hurting. Physically and Emotionally.  The amount of “Suck It UP and Deal” I’ve been doing has reached capacity.

I think it’s time to lock down and just purge. I haven’t had a good soul cry in a long time. It’s needed. I’m feeling broken down and useless again.

Maybe it’s time to st0p trying so hard to keep everything propped up on my own.




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