Post Migraine Monday.

30 03 2009

Weather: High: 49 degrees and sunny.

Weekend was a rollercoaster again.

Saturday was lovely. Went out for dinner with the fam & “Soon to be Fam” (KB & her hubby, Me & Bri, My mum, my brother John & his fiancee Christine, her folks & her brother). Fantastic people. Christine’s dad and brother are both harcore sci-fi geeks and are both big Neil Gaiman fans. So we had a lot to chat about. 😉

Bri and I are actually taking steps to getting our trip to Seattle taken care of and purging stuff in the house. E-bay has seen a lot of our business lately.

Also am trying to see if there’s a way to finagle both Bri and I going to Dragon*Con. Gonna be pricey, but I think we can swing it. I need to get our memberships purchased like NOW before they go up another $10.The hotel will be the next purchase. Flights will have to wait until we know where we’ll be coming in from.

Am feeling a growing ambivalence to the online community. It’s in not way reflective of how I feel about individual people. I have plenty of friends that I like to converse with online. In fact that’s the only way I have to contact most of them. I’m just finding in mind numbingly tedious to keep refreshing pages, expecting…what? Enlightenment? Entertainment?  How is this any different from surfing channels on the television then? And I’m finding my tolerance for Snark is getting lower by the day. Not every thing needs your sharp edged wit to comment on it. Especially if it sounds like you’re merely commenting to pick a fight. Sometimes posting a link is not anything more than informational, and not a gauntlet being thrown down.

Sigh. I know I’m getting older. Anymore I just want people to STFU and go away. Can’t even stand discussing politics with anyone anymore. Don’t even care. I would just like to concentrate on making our bills and finding jobs for both of us and getting my writing done. I don’t have the energy for anymore than that. Seriously.

Going home tonight with the absolutely gaod awful task of hemming two pairs of pants ahead of me. Might have to spork my eyes out from sheer boredom  later. Still, I have Heroes and Castle to watch. So there is a slight upside.

must dash. Ta for now all.




One response

1 04 2009

I thought you said Sark – LOL! I had to re-read the “Snark” line.
So funny…I know you will get it. 🙂

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