27 03 2009

Weather: High: 47 degrees & Mostly sunny..

I seriously feel like someone who’s crawled through a desert to find a small clear stream. This Friday took FOREVER to get here.

Bri and I took a nice walk last night when I got home. The weather was a perfect cool temp and it was nice to just take an even paced walk through the neighborhood, look at the houses and not have to dodge a gazillion people as we walked. Very calming. And no bugs, thank goodness. This is why I love early spring.

Supernatural last night kicked ass. Was nice to see Dean get his whineyness called and the brothers realize that being Hunters is deeper than just a life that was thrust on them. Seeing the Ghost Chasers again was HILARIOUS, especially with their constant anti-Winchester diatribes being interjected at any given time.::thumbs up::

ZOMG! SO HAPPY!  Just found out that Blood Ties is FINALLY coming out on DVD!  It still pisses me off to no end that they decided not to continue with the series, especially after leaving it with a bloody cliffhanger!  Lifetime needs to be bitchslapped for this. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with the one season. Like Moonlight. Damn it, why do the interesting shows get yanked? And in SPITE of good ratings??

Also looking forward to the Vampire Diaries coming to TV. (On the CW granted, so there’s a bit of potential “Gossip Girl” type marketing going on). The casting is getting pretty good so far and I can only hope they don’t screw up the books. I loved this series. Read it when it came out. Still have the original covers and all. Honestly? Beats Twilight hands down as a Teen Appeal vampire series.Better written, actual angst and fangs as well.  And NO SPARKLING! 😉  And I just found out the author has started a SECOND trilogy for the series. I need to get my sorry butt out to a bookstore pronto!

Tomorrow night is the big get together with my brother, his fiancee and her family. Actually looking forward to it!

YAY! Lunchtime and there was SUSHI in the cafeteria downstairs! WOO!  PAYDAY SUSHI RULES!

Speaking of Payday, or as it’s been named in the Ellis household– BILL PAYING APOCALYPSE, most of my deftly earned moneys are now in the hands of the credit card and cable people. Sigh. OH And the mortgage holders. Double sigh. At least I just found out we’re getting a decent refund on our taxes and don’t owe Indiana too much this year. ::whew::

So, Dollhouse tonight and maybe a movie. I think we still have Mongol & Shoot Em Up to watch.  (Om Nom Nom CLIVE OWEN Nom Nom)




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