Tuesday. And the weather still sucks.

24 03 2009

Weather: High: 69 degrees with wind and rain and more wind and thunder and did I mention WIND!ZOMG??

Just took a gander at myself in the mirror after walking 8 blocks in wind with a hoodie on. Hair is new level of post-concert-fall-off-tourbus-emo-rock-star. See Gerard Way after a long night. SERIOUSLY.

Yep-front & center. Gee has my hair there.

Yep-front & center. Gee has my hair there.

Weather and dubious hair aside, and I preface this with much wood knocking, things seem relatively quiet so far.

Will be doing some quick tweaking on the first chapter of the Librarian story so I can send it off to beta reading and see if it’s coherent. Much more to do on this. Need to do more research. ::digs out Clive Owen catalog and books on D/s::  Sigh. The things I do for writing.  😉

I am rapidly becoming the pariah of the online world. What little interacting I do is on the quippy side and little if anything of content has been posted lately. Just can’t be arsed to share my feelings and lack of interesting life with the world. So I stick with Facebook and slaughter a few vampires, and Twitter where I can see how well I can abbreviate to fit a complete thought in 140 characters. LiveJournal is just a place I visit and occasionally post. And of course, here at WordPress. This is the only place I really journal. Sadly enough, I think I’m burnt out to the point where my interaction with people is getting slowly cut back. Not because I dislike anyone, just because I don’t have the energy or brain power for a decent conversation. Thus we’re back to short quippy back and forth exchanges on the ADD version of blogging.

Anyway. Time to head home. Need rest and some muse time.




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