Monday comes too soon. Always.

23 03 2009

Weather: High: 59 degrees and showers. Just sloppy and windy today.

Day is already in the crapper due to the weather. Not feeling this Monday at all.

Spent bulk of yesterday writing. Nice to get some actual word count for once. Think I cracked 5000 words,  which is good.(Mind you the word count is split between an addendum scene for the Rock Star Vamp story and the Librarian PWP short story. )

Got a bit of movie watching in this weekend.  Saw Dodgeball again, thought it was the hubster’s first time. Movie makes me hysterical. Seriously. Of course, I watched Twilight, which arrived from the benevolent gods of Amazon on Saturday. SparklePire obsession completed for the mo. Bri watched it with me, but he was only meh! about it. Not that I expected him to go geebling fangirl all over it. 🙂  The extras were good, but I realized I didn’t get the whole full boar version, so I may exchange it later for the uber-Sparkle version.  Also, re-watched Closer to get some visual references for the Librarian character. (He’s based visually on Clive, and now I’ve cribbed some of the personality from Larry in Closer. Just Rawr. )

Spent lunch hour transcribing more from zee notebooks into pixels. It’s bcoming patently obvious that I need to spend some quiet uninterrupted time reading the damn manuscript and fixing my problems with the main character. She’s beginning to vex me. I can’t SEE her. And that’s a problem.

Feeling draggy again. Must attempt to get a little bit of workout in tonight when I get home, even if it’s just 20 minutes on the elliptical. Body has reached epic fale level and I REFUSE to let it continue to slide. Must achieve Goth Sex Goddess proportions before September!!

(Also, health is crap, which is honestly more of a concern than getting my shlubby bod in a corset. Sigh)

Must dash. Time for heading home. Vids will start getting posted again tomorrow.




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