Finally Friday…or should that read FINALE Friday?

20 03 2009

Weather: High: 45 degrees and Sunny.

It’s still pretty cold for the first day of Spring! Feel like 10 miles of bad road today. Only got three hours of sleep last night. Bri got home from his class close to 10 and we sat talking and web surfing for at least another hour, then got swept up watching “The Last Frakkin’  BSG Special” Next thing I know it’s 1:30 am and I have to get up at 5. Sigh. Needless to say. I’m dragging horribly and the mind is not as focused as it should be at work.

Have exhausted my coffee supply, am now nibbling on chocolate covered espresso beans. Aaannnd now I’m CHOKING on espresso beans. Good going, dumbass! ::facepalm:: Cough cough::

Supernatural last night just GOBSMACKED me with all the emotional smacking around. Spoilers ahoy! (Highlight to see)   Dear GODS the look on Dean’s face when Alastair told him it was his actions that broke the first seal. And that this whole domino effect towards the apocalypse started when he succumbed to the deal of torturing others to stave off his own torture. And that JOHN was the original person meant to be the trigger but HE DIDN’T BREAK! YIKES! Add in Urial’s betrayal and Sam’s ingesting MORE Demon Blood (RUBY WTF???) and his ZOMG new level of powers? KRIPKE! YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME! :/Spoilers end!

Watched South Park last night as well. Made of WIN across the board.

Also, the Anti-Sports radar was turned off yesterday because Purdue made it into the NCAA tournament and that hasn’t happened in quite a while. (And as BIg Ten Champs. WOO!) Here’s the good part. They survived the first round. I’m not holding my breath for another win, but it was still nice to see them not get booted in the first level. 🙂 Again, not a sport’s fan, but I’m always going to cheer on my Alma Mater, ESPECIALLY if it will vex Indiana University alum and fans. (ZOMG TEH ENEMY!!!)

Apparently the “Sparkly Movie that Shall Not Be Named” is waiting delivery to me in Hammond. ::restrains self from sending husband out to liberate it:: So I will have SparklePires at Chez Ellis for the weekend.  ::does the dance of flaily cheesetastic SparklePire LUV!::

Need to get my crap together and get ready to go home. This week has been weird. and my lack of sleep lately has been hateful. Depression is not a good sedative, that is for sure.




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