Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh! ***

17 03 2009

Weather:  High: 72 Degrees and SUNNY! WOOT!

***Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the rest of the non-Gaelic speaking folks out there.***

Today started off in the toilet, but my mood has improved upon getting to work. Some 20 year old Gossip Girl reject (early 20s, lots of shopping bags) complained to the conductor that my music was too loud. Apparently the dozen or so people sitting a few seats up YELLING at each other was not a problem, but the faint sound of guitars from my Magic Song Brick (Daily Show reference) was just too much for her fragile little psyche to deal with. So she sicked the Conductor on me. I obliged, not wanting to make a big deal. Mind you this little delicate flower was sitting BEHIND me. When we got closer to my stop, I switched my i-Pod to my high volume/speed walking mix and cranked that sucker’s volume way the fuck back up. She had the gall to sit forward in her seat as though she were going to say something. I gave her the glare of death and she got huffy. I mean, SERIOUSLY. You’re gonna BITCH about my little i-pod and NOT about the cacophony from the crowd two seats up? GET OVER YOURSELF! I got up to head for the door and fixed her with a “you wanna start something look?” and she crossed her arms and looked out the window. Good thing I wasn’t caffeinated or there would have been a fight. Or at least a minor skirmish…of glares!  You can mess with just about anything, but do not f*ck with my music, people.  In 8 years of riding the train with a headset, and keeping the volume constant, this was the FIRST time anyone has EVER complained. And that includes people sitting NEXT to me.  Just so aggravating.

Listening to my brother John’s totally EXCELLENT   Paddy Rock Radio Show to put me in the St. Patrick’s Day mood. Nothing like a barrage of Pogues, Tossers and Dropkick Murphy’s to really get the Fenian Dander up! It’s so funny that I’m married to a second generation Irishman (Brian’s mum is from Balleyheige, near Tralee in County Kerry, Ireland. She was the first American Rose of Tralee in 1960. ) and we don’t really celebrate the holiday in any fashion, other than getting each other cards and wearing some green. Don’t get me wrong, Brian is VERY proud of his Irish heritage and we have a lot of things in the house reflecting it, but he despises the commercialization of St.Patrick’s Day and all the cutesy crap that comes along with it. Show him a Leprechaun and he’ll probably beat you over the head with it. I honestly don’t blame him. Since he was raised by a mother that’s actually from there and both of us having hung around with the rest of the family from that side, most Irish Americans piss me off too. They really don’t bother to learn ANYTHING about Ireland and what’s really going on over there. The fact that some of them blindly support the IRA is enough to kick them off the bus.  And if you’re gonna go around using Gaelic terms, learn how to frikking PROPERLY pronounce them? OKAY? And anyone who tries to pinch me today is gonna pull back a bloody stump. Seriously.

Castle last night was made of Awesome and Neil on Colbert was also excellent. Can’t complain for an evening of really hilarious entertainment. I think I have Brian hooked on Castle as well. He likes a good well-written show as much as me, and of course, Nathan Fillion can do no wrong as far as I can see.

Getting a small migraine and I can tell it’s gonna grow. Meds time.

Here for your St.Patrick’s Day Pleasure!

Dropkick Murphy’s — The Wild Rover!

Have a good night everyone! Drink responsibly!




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