Bossless week Day 4! ALMOST DONE!

13 03 2009

Weather: High: 41 Degrees and sunny!


So freaking tired and I whined like a wee baby this morning at having to get up yet again and slog to the office. Yes I’m fully aware that I should be happy to even HAVE a job right now, but remember, I’m married to someone who is currently unemployed and I have that reminder to keep me from slacking off or just throwing my hands up and quitting. And that’s no slam against Bri, because he’s doing his damndest to find a job. He’d been freelancing, but it’s not exactly stable work. Beginning to think we should just start focusing on Seattle and see where that gets us.

Work is fairly quiet today. ::knocks wood:: Especially after yesterdays drama debacle.

This weekend is all about the cleaning house and getting our budget back on track.  Oh yeah, and me gaffer taping my ass to a chair and getting some substantial writing done, because let’s face it…I have been made of massive fale on the wordcount front this week. Muses have been scarce and brain matter has been oatmeal like most of this week.

My brother is on his way up to Wisconsin to emcee for some bands for St. Patrick’s Day.  And yes, the Chicago River is emerald green. 🙂 Bri and i do not bother attempting the trek into town on St.Patty’s day, knowing full well the drunken Irish and pretending they’re Irish will be spilling out of every pub and bar and then driving home.

Heading home now. Second to last BSG ep tonight. I can hear Brian crying fanboy tears already.



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