Bossless Week: Day 3 WTF SNOW???

12 03 2009

Weather: High: 28 Degrees and Partly sunny. And apparently FLURRIES this morning.  GAH!

I almost typed that as “apparently FURRIES this morning” which is a completely different kind of ZOMG WTF?

Short day today because Brian has his Master Gardener class tonight. New Supernatural tonight (FINALLY ZOMG!) So I know what I’ll be watching tonight.

I need to get back to writing proper. I’ve been adding stuff in the hard journals, but not on the laptop. This is unacceptable. All the forward momentum I’ve had the past few months has ground to a halt.

Need to pop out for some lunch in a mo. Have a few users to stop by and see before. So I’m off…

AAAnnd I’m back. More drama on the work front, but I’m managing. And by managing, I mean that I’m having to force myself not to think of creative ways to off some of the brokers using the paper shredder. SERIOUSLY.

Okay getting ready to hightail it home and I couldn’t be more ready. SIGH.
(Okay, that was funny. I first typed SIGH as SITH. Tracy would be so proud of me.)




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