Bossless week: Day 2 ZOMG IT’S COLD!

11 03 2009

Weather: High: 30 degrees with WIND again. And the wind chill is single digits. BRR!

Day is shaping up fairly benign so far. Got the usual stuff done this morning, but have a few projects needing my attention this afternoon.

Brought my lunch today and there was free breakfast items because of a broker meeting this morning, so I score on spending no money today.

Friday is payday, though in all honesty most of the money is already spoken for. Bills will claim a goodly portion of the money, and what’s left will go to groceries. Needless to say, there will be very little in the till for the subsequent weeks till my next payday. Hopefully we can supplement our income with some e-bay and I’ve been considering starting a store over on Alibris to offload some books.

Bri just called and, gods love him, he’s heading out to the grocery store.  Our fridge is looking like a series of condiments and bread. Sad.

LiveJournal is just turning me off so hard right now. There’s a huge “issue based” kerfluffle going on over there. Not going to name it or give it any focus because I don’t want to bring the shit here. Suffice it to say that bad choices of wording has led to a huge bitch fight among users that will NEVER be resolved to anyone’s satisfaction, not matter how many apologies, retractions or deletions happen. People were dragged into the fight who weren’t part of the initial argument, accusations are being flung and some truly dickish behavior is propagating on BOTH sides of the argument. And I love that everyone has an intellectual and elitist take on how they have the “right” view on this. Honestly, it’s all bullshit, not matter how many $10 words you dress it up in. Sigh.  I’m sick unto death of incendiary issues getting raised “accidentally” and then the roaming victim brigade comes out of the woodwork to fan the flames and make pretty much what was an interesting discussion turn into a shit flinging contest. I’m also appalled at the arrogance of some people actually saying “I don’t accept your apology and you need to earn my trust back” as though someone they don’t know from Adam in real life OWES THEM SOMETHING. GAH! It’s almost enough to scare me off getting my books published. Maybe I can be one of those authors who languishes in near obscurity… Nah! I need the money.  (Like that’s a possibility anyway. [/self-deprecation]

Anyway. Enough energy has been wasted on empty anger over nonsense. I’d like to get back to focusing on my writing and getting us moved and getting healthy again. Think I’ve scattered my resources too much again.

Well, gonna cut this short. Have to go do the backup. And short day tomorrow WOOT!




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