9 03 2009

weather: High: 51 degrees & partly sunny.

Am dragging worse than a zombie on Benadryl this morning.

Trying to get a bit of writing done over lunch and of course failing miserably. Need to sit down tonight and get some work done. Would like to see Castle tonight though and have a call with Heather scheduled.

Work is gonna be a handful this week what with the bossman out for the rest of the week, off to DC to mingle with other software users.  Sigh. It will either be very quiet or horrifically busy.

Watchmen was supremely awesome. I don’t know what movie the critics saw, but it certainly wasn’t the same one I did. It seemed under the almost 3 hour runnig time and it was cast superbly. Jackie Earle Haley WAS Rorshach! And I thought they did a great job with Dr. Manhatten.  Now the parents that brought their young children? Deserve every embarassing question they’re going to get after letting their kids see it. Seriously!

Need to dash off home. Looks like mega rain tonight. Frak. Just got the damn basement cleaned up too.



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