Lost-nesday. And things are looking up.

4 03 2009

Weather: High: 41 degrees and partly sunny.

Cubemate is out today so I’m blasting the Vampire Writing mix on my I-Tunes. Lotsa dark atmospheric music mashed up with abrasive alt rocka and Goth type stuff. Very annoying to most others in my office and very inspirational to me. :VBEG:

Been working out the details of the Librarian PWP short story in my head. Getting it into pixels is the next step. Still have WTLGD to finish as well. Been very sleepy lately, so focus hasn’t been what it should be.

Worked on writing music list for Librarian story…yeah. It’s mostly trip hoppy, classical and dear god SEXXOR MUSIC. Which it should be for this story. 😉

Can’t believe it’s time to go home already. Suffice it to say, I’ll have more to talk about tomorrow.

Nutshell what’s on the brain lately: Watchmen (ZOMG!), sexxor, writing, sexxor, LOST TONIGHT ZOMG!, Work is just draining me!, sexxor, finances and have I mentioned, teh sexxor?

No video today as I’m swamped and don’t have time to look. Will be more verbose tomorrow. You have been warned.



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