Think it’s time for another online hiatus.

2 03 2009

weather: High: 23 degrees and snow flurries early. OBVIOUSLY my memo declaring WINTER IS DONE is being ignored. ::is vexed::

Home life has taken a weird turn. Nothing is wrong mind you, but Bri and I have suddenly realized our lives have skidded to a stop what with the ongoing depression and lack of money. And we need to get our motivation back. Nothing’s gonna happen if we keep sitting on our hands and moping about our situation.  Add in some recurrent in-law related drama and we’re at our wits end. I think that whole metaphor of being backed up against a wall is finally becoming a truism. We need to take our timeline much more seriously and get on the ball if anything is gonna happen this year. Bri’s already started making inquiries in Seattle and I need to start doing the same. Also considering going back to school at UDub so there’s other things that need to get started.

I’m taking a semi-hiatus from my online presence for a bit. Facebook and LJ have been sucking up way too much of my time and attention. When 90% of my conversations are about those two things, something needs to be addressed. There is a reason I haven’t been getting other things done, and they are two of them.

Listening to a combined Three Days Grace/MCR mix on i-tunes. Should it surprise me that my combined songs from those two bands equals almost six hours of continuous music? (And I haven’t even uploaded the live “Life on the Murder Scene” disc yet. LOL) And need to add that “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison” is still in the top 3 songs of all time for me. ::squishes the Jersey contingent of eyeliner wearing emo boys::

Am starting to get a nauseous stomach every time I venture into the comments section of any given news site. While I’m all for reasoned debate and even find myself agreeing with contrary opinions sometimes, most of the discussions seem to devolve into name calling and ludicrous comparisons. Reasoned discussion seems to have gone the way of the dodo and I place all the blame at the feet of the talking head pundits and their “Yell and talk over each other” method of conversation. Just so rude and ridiculous.

Mum’s coming back from California tomorrow evening. Sounds like she had a blast. Visited with my dad’s cousin Joanie (who, although in her 80s now, was a Vogue cover model back in the 40s. SERIOUSLY.  Wonder where those genes ended up!) and my Uncle Gorm took her to Reno, NV to do some gambling and enjoy the scenery throught the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Mum also loved driving through Napa Valley, so much she actually made noises about moving there. Which both my sister and I thought would be awesome. If nothing else, so we could visit. [/ulterior motive]

Got plenty of stuff to do tonight. Was good and got on the exercise ball this morning. 100 Sit ups, and 100 side to sides. A good start, but nowhere near what I need to be doing.  Time to get serious if I’m gonna stun everyone when we go to New York and I descend upon Dragon*Con. SERIOUSLY. I want to be at least back down to a size 12 by then. And I’m determined to get there. Six months and many a pound and inch to go. But I can do it, I CAN DO IT.

Writing got NOWHERE this weekend. Saturday we had Brendan and Amy over for dinner which was great. But Sunday? Sunday fell into the bottomless pit of slackerdom. Could not get the brain past chilling on the couch. Granted Brian and I got sucked into watching “Practical Magic” again. That was a nice motivational exercise. REALLY want to build that house. Where we’ll get the money is beyond me, but as it goes, the fates will provide.

Must dash. Time to go home. Need fuel and husband snoggage and some exercise before settling in to do line edits and write some more on the Librarian contribution. Plot bunnies are eating my brain. Hope THEY’RE getting some use out of it.

Vid for the day? The DUPLICITY Trailer. This man is trying to kill me. Watch for the short bit with Clive Owen wearing the nerd glasses. He’s the subject of the latest plot bunny attack. ::head desk:: Damn hormones.

Ta for now, my dears.




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