So. Not. Awake.

27 02 2009

Weather: High: 32 degrees with wind and snow flurries. Emphasis on the WIND.

The walk in this morning was particularly brutal. My cheeks look like they’ve been slapped quite a bit. Wind burn–making Goths look rosy cheeked for decades, dammit!

Cranium seems to be full of oatmeal and focus is just not happening.

Heather just lobbed a plot bunny at me involving Clive Owen and the naughty librarian motif. With Clive as the Librarian. OY! My brain just melted. I think this is gonna end up a PWP story to be passed around for specifically prurient interest. GRINS . And I’m not at all feeling the slightest amount of guilt about that either.

Mom has called from California and is having a nice time. Even saying she’s thinking it might be an option to move there. O_O.  I think the heat will change her mind. (She’s in the Valley near Sacramento.) Still, I think it would behoove her to move somewhere near some family. Gives her lots of options now. We have cousins and other relatives in CA, MT, NC, FL, TX and OH. So lots of options on her plate. 😉

Bri and I are tightening the belts, well metaphorically. Literally would require more activity on our part. OY! (Reminds self to get basement cleaned up for Tae Bo and Yoga workouts. SRSLY.) Hopefully there is a possible full time job in Bri’s near future. He just a applied for a position, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed in the mean time. He’s also applied to some positions in Seattle. And I’m looking at an MLS program at U-Dub, so maybe we’re sowing the seeds to get the hell outta here sooner rather than later.  😉

Possibly having Brendan and his girlfriend over this weekend after a few weather related delays. Also need to get a metric tonne of cleaning and writing done. And maybe start this epic workout plan that I’ve been methodically avoiding for too long. Body is going to hell at a rather disturbing rate.  Staring at diabetes and potential heart issues if I don’t do something soon. And I have a feeling my knees would thank me if they didn’t have a shit load of weight on top of them.

Ah well. End of day’s caught up with me. Must trundle off to the train. And get my train pass. ::listens to the sound of her Bank Account sucking dry.::

Must dash.

No vid today, but you can always go surf zee youtube for good stuff!




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