Okay…today is just weird from the get go…

26 02 2009

weather: High: 46 Degrees with rain & thunder later.
Woke up in a funky ass mood. The pain in my left foot actually woke me up at 2:30 a.m. this morning, so I’m thinking it’s probably time to invest in an ankle brace. Cause it’s not like I’m gonna get to see a doctor anytime soon. Sigh. ::stabs lack of insurance in it’s eye::

Commute to work in the morning has been unusually non-stress inducing. Ridership must be down on the trains because I’ve had a seat to myself most mornings.  It’s nice to just sink into the seat with music blaring over my headphones and snooze for the 45 minute duration from Hammond to Chicago. Of course that’s followed by a punishing 8 city blocks of pedestrian assholes and blustery Chicago weather. But it’s still a nice respite. Usually in the evening it’s a little more likely to be crammed in with another passenger, struggling to have enough elbow room to write, all the while dealing with a pungent olfactory assault of BO, fast food and cologne overdose.  At least I can listen to obnoxious music and annoy my fellow passengers. 🙂

Short day today so I more than likely will undercompensate for my verbosity yesterday.

OH! Time for the random List of Albums coming out that I MUST HAVE!! MUST!!

  1. Depeche Mode — Sounds of the Universe (April 21 2009)
  2. VNV Nation – Reformation (box set) TBA (Circa may 2009)
  3. VNV Nation- Of Faith, Power and Glory (Circa June 2009)
  4. U2 – No Line On The Horizon (March 3, 2009)
  5. Three Days Grace– TBA (Mid 2009)
  6. Green Day — 21st Century Breakdown (May 2009)
  7. Shortwave Dahlia — The Wilderness (TBA)
  8. Bat For Lashes — Two Suns (April 6, 2009)
  9. Apoptygma Berzerk — Rocket Science (Out now, need to get!)
  10. Lacuna Coil — Shallow Life (April 21, 2009)
  11. Silversun Pickups — Swoon (April 14, 2009)
  12. Breaking Benjamin — TBA (Late 2009)
  13. Massive Attack — TBA (Spring 2009)
  14. Muse — TBA (Late 2009)
  15. Trans Siberian Orchestra –The Night Castle (June 2009)
  16. Roxy Music (ORIG LINEUP- SQUEE!) –TBA  (late 2009)
  17. Crowded House — TBA (2009)
  18. Blink-182 (ZOMG!) — TBA (2009)
  19. Abney Park  – TBA (2009)
  20. My Chemical Romance – TBA (Late 2009)

And I’m sure there are more that I’m unaware of that will surface for me to geeble over.

New Depeche Mode Video:




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