Monday with Post Oscars Hangover

23 02 2009

Weather: High 27 degrees and VERY SUNNY!

So, watched the Oscars last night and was very pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Hugh Jackman was fantastic as the host. I think he was right when he stated that the Oscars needed to be more show and less Biz. Also, I think it was nice NOT to have a comedian host for once. Was happy with most of the wins. Still would have liked to see Anne Hathaway win, but she’s got ample opportunities ahead of her.

Work is mostly about the data entry today. Office is overly warm today, so making me drowsy.

Putting together some stuff for a Cafe Press site. The Writers’ Cabal needs new coffee mugs, dammit! Did some photoshopping on the fly. Gonna commisserate with the rest of the ladies and see what we can come up with.

Spent my lunch hour hammering out another 750 words. Mostly for the abduction/Tasting Party scene. Needed to amp up the danger a bit. So it got a bit bloody. Which is good. The muse is happy. Bloody rock star vampires.

Brooding Rock Star Vampire Muse

Brooding Rock Star Vampire Muse


It’s getting late in the day. So here’s the vid for the day:
VNV Nation — Standing (live)
(The chorus on this still gives me chills. Can’t wait for their new album and DVD coming out soon! )



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