This is shaping up to a FIRED WEEK.!!

19 02 2009

weather: High: 23 degrees and WINDY. ZOMG SO COLD!

At work late because the damn trains were fubar again this morning. Managed to get to the train station early and figured I’d catch the 7:09 train. So I hustled up to the platform and stood in the subzero temps and waited. And waited. And waited some more. No announcement as to the train being late. Getting irritated. Figured, oh well. Catch the 7:22. Waited . Waited some more. Really getting pissed. FINALLY at 7:30 (ZOMG!) we get the announcement that the 7:22 will be there in 5 minutes. And standing room only. Sigh. I managed to finagle a seat nonetheless and we got into the station at Randolph at 8:30.  Turned out the 7:09 train was cancelled (nice of them to tell us) and even though I had been 20 minutes early to the station, and even with taking a cab, I was 10 minutes late to work.  This is getting annoying.

Short day today because Brian has his Master Gardener class today. Will more than likely be watching MCR & Alias tonight since Supernatural is on hiatus until late March. ::whines:: .

Lost was frikkin AWESOME last night. Even Brian was enthralled. So many cool developments. SPOILERS AHOY! Highlight the following if you’re interested:

So! Locke committed SUICIDE? And why was Ben all bloodcovered and broken armed? DID HE KILL PENNY??? ZOMG NO!!! And where is Aaron? And why won’t Kate say anything about where he is? We know Hurley, Kate and Jack made it to the island. Where are Sayid and Sun? And what about Ben? Didn’t Richard say that Ben couldn’t come back? HMMMMMM! From the previews we know two things: Locke is alive again and apparently Ben was there when he killed himself.  Holy Crap this next ep looks good! SPOILERVISION OFF!

Will be doing some writing tonight. Have lobbed another beta off to my lovely friend Sandy to give it a perusal.  I need to get the Atlanta sequence input and also add some filler scenes to smooth the transition. There’s a few other bits and bobs to be tweaked. And a few loose ends that need tying up.

Went and dug out all the reference materials and text written on the Manx Sidhe/Celtic Lore twist story I started a few years ago. Been itching to get back to that one. I’m still debating on whether to make that a Young Adult story or not.

And Dark of the Mirror and Carrion Dreams both are yammering for attention now too. Seems they smell I’m almost finished with When the Lights Go Out, and are jockying for next in line. And I’m considering a name change for WTLGO. Maybe calling it Burning on the Inside…but there might be too many bad jokes launched by that…Sigh.

Dashing off to get some lunch.

Allright. Cutting this short as I need to be outta here in an hour and I have a ton to do.




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