Weather + Hormones= ZOMG! HEIDI SMASH!

18 02 2009

Weather: OY! High: 39 Degrees. Rain early, switching to snow later. Yuck.

And OW. My joints are achy as hell.

And my monthlies are making work an extremely painful endeavor.

Car is back from the shop, and thank the gods, it came in at $80 to fix the wheel and headlight. Cannot begin to tell you the relief upon hearing that number.

Brought “Life on the the Murder Scene” with me to work today, but it’s looking not likely that I’ll get a chance to pop it in. Pouts.

Actually stopped and smiled when “I Don’t Care” by Apocalyptica with AG on vocals came up on the shuffle.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Will never get sick of that. Looks like something I would have concocted. SERIOUSLY.

Am still gobsmacked that Captain Robert from Abney Park replied to a comment I made over on LJ. :insert fangirl squee:  Really hope they’re gonna be at Dragon*con this year. ::crosses fingers::

Watching the weather a little worriedly. Looks like a lot of ice mixed in with the rain and snow. And we have to drive home from Chicago. Never a good combo.

Need to get back on the writing horse. Have bee under the weather lately, but that’s no excuse.

Yeah. Muses with Mischief on their Minds...

Yeah. Muses with Mischief on their Minds...

I mean, these guys can get very pokey when they think you’re not listening to them. And that guy out front there? He’s the loudest. Needless to say I’m very much needing to get back to writing. HAve other muses also lurking in the background wanting to be heard.  Of course having my skull not exploding and the rest of the body healthy would be a big help. Sigh.

LOST tonight and ZOMG is it getting good again. They’ve actually been answering a lot of  questions and the circles are less overlapping than just matching up. LOVE IT. Have Alias Season 3 dvds to watch as well.

Off to brave the slick roads….




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