Tuesday is Fired. And stick a fork in me, turn me over I’m DONE.

17 02 2009

Weather: High: 42 Degrees with Rain in PM.

Came into work this morning to the news that our salaries are being frozen for 2009. Not exactly news I wanted to hear, though I’d be lying if I said I was surprised or not expecting it.  Just adds another layer of WTF on top of the crap I’m already dealing with.

Add in also that my UTERUS IS TRYING TO KILL ME. ::pokes it and throws more ibuprofen at it. ::

HAd McD’s for lunch. ::slaps self for stupidity::  but got some amusement out of it. My order number was 666. SO I settled in for the Lunch of the Beast and chuckled muchly.

On a good note, FINALLY got my copy of “Life on the Murder Scene” and have already subjected the husband to the first five minutes of the Documentary. Think I’ve scarred him for life. 🙂  So yes. I have  3 discs of MCR goodness to dive into come Thursday. (Bri has class and I’ll have a few hours to kill) plus my Third Season of Alias should be along shortly. YAY! DARK VAUGHN!! This was my favorite season with all its love triangle-tortured Vaughn-scary Jack-desperate Sydney goodness!

Okay. Boss is gone and work has eaten what’s left of my time. Hopefully a more substantive post tomorrow. Leverage tonight. WOOT!

Shiny Toy Guns — Ghost Town.
(Not really representative of their synthpop side, but it’s an AWESOME animated vid!)
Vodpod videos no longer available.




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