How did it get to be Monday again?

16 02 2009

Weather: High: 35 degrees with the flaming ball of evil in the sky. (Sunny for you non-vampires)

Have a bit of a headache today.  Came on suddenly. Sharp pain to the side of the head. Always worries me when it comes on like this.

Need to get my health in order. Signed up for dental and vision insurance today. Health insurance is still cost prohibitive. I can’t take a $300 a month hit for it. Not with Brian’s income a big ? these days.


Have taken anti-migraine meds and put my damn glasses back on. Sigh. Getting older sucks. Eyestrain induced migraines suck. GAH!

Managed to get some lunch in me so hopefully this will stave off any further attacks. Sigh.

Writing continues apace. Doing some tweaking over lunch, but rewrites are in the works as well. I hate rewrites. Sight.

Bri had to take Gretchen in for a checkup this morning. Turns out the wheel bearing on the driver’s side was shot and needed replacing. And the bulb in one of th headlights had gone out.  Luckily for us, this was all covered under the warranty. So it came in around $100, which we can handle. Sigh.

And taxes have been dropped off with our CPA, my sister’s friend Cathy. So hopefully we won’t get screwed on those this year too. Sigh.

I’m ending a lot of these paragraphs with a sigh. Sigh.

Anyway. Heroes tonight and more writing. And possibly more data entry should I get a wild hare.

I’ve posted this before, but I love this song SO MUCH!
Lips Like Morphine — Kill Hannah love my Chicago boys!

Have a good evening all.



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