Must.Control.Fist. Of. RAGE!

11 02 2009

Weather: High: 50 Degrees and RAINY. LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN.

Came into the office and already the day was in the shitter. Network issues were causing bizzare pop ups on people’s computers about “adjusting virtual memory” and dragging their window opening to a standstill. Add in that I was just notified by some people “Oh there’s a website trying to launch when I go to the intranet.” Really? How long has THAT been happening? “Oh for a while now.”  HEADDESK HEADDESK HEADDESK!! I can’t fix something until you TELL me about it, you jackass!


Needless to say. This day is FIRED.

It’s 1:30 as I write this and we FINALLY go the Intranet cleaned up and the network seems to FINALLY be responding properly.

Tonight is more take home work. And LOST! And Ghost Hunters International. And maybe even some random dvd watching. Depends on what kind of mood I’m in once I get home. Need to get some writing done. Got a bit done on the Atlanta scene scribbled out last night. Not enough to really get me rolling though.

Weather is truly Meh today. I’m all for a nice rainy day, but today it’s just making me tired.  ANd we’re supposedly getting some serious thunderstorms tonight with wind. Which always makes me paranoid about our invalid elm tree out  front. Please to be not dropping big limbs on the house tonight!!! 😦

No vid today…just to darn tired to track one down.  Sigh.




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