Zomg! Spring in February!

10 02 2009

Weather: High: 64 degrees!! 64 I SAY!! And partly sunny with WIIIINNND!!

SO yeah. Really inseasonably warm today. Wore a long sleeved Polo under a hoodie (Black Abney Park FTW!) to work today. And was sweating a bit by the time I got to work.

Spent my morning putting out fires and doing a lot of data entry (which will peobably come home with me again tonight. Yes, will be doing data entry while watching Fringe and Leverage. Should be interesting).

Lunch hour was spent reading the first chapter of Turn Coat (Dresden Files Book #11) at Jim Butcher’s Website. I find myself doing a lot of reading at people’s websites lately. I’ve been reading Out of the Dark and Grimoire at Phaedra’s site as well. There’s so much good fiction out there to read. And honestly, the urban fantasy/horror genre is really my favorite. I’m not really a sci-fi girl. The heavy tech sci-fi especially doesn’t do much for me.  So you’ll see me reading more Hamilton/Gaiman/Kiernan/Weldon/Barker/Butcher, than the standard sci fi set.

Facebook is hooking me back up with people I haven’t talked to or seen in well over 20 years. And I have to admit, I’m enjoying it. 🙂

Mum is getting ready to take a trip out to California to visit my Uncle Gorm in Sacramento and some friends in the SoCal area. I think she’s beginning to dread the amount of driving she’s going to have in store. Still, I think she needs to do this. She’s not really left the house or done anything for herself since Dad passed in 2006.  So she’s due.

I’ll hopefully get some writing done on the train ride home tonight. Still have some loose ends to tie up in the story. And an ending to write. Sigh.

I’m getting really kind of blah on the news. Have to admit though, I actually watched all of Obama’s speech last night and felt a glimmer of hope there. Kind of nice to have a president who actually can respond to questions without resorting to “Aww shucks!” folksy responses or fear tactics. He sounded presidential and like a statesman. People were actually complaining that he gave long thorough answers to the questions.  I think they’d gotten too used to the short and completly uninformative responses from the Shrub.

Just a small mini-rant today. Can people in the news industry (and I include the entertainment news as well) PLEASE for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY do some frikking fact checking?? If I had a dime for all the times I’ve seen Coraline mentioned as a TIM BURTON film, I’d be able to pay our mortgage for a month…granted in dimes, but that’s beside the point. Coraline was directed by HENRY SELICK who also directed Nightmare Before Christmas. ( Burton produced there.)  To say anything else is insulting to Selick. Burton had ZERO to do with Coraline. ZERO.  This is a SIMPLE AND EASY THING TO CHECK, people.

This is just one example though. I think under Bush (and mind you I’m not saying he’s at fault here, just it was that time frame) reporters got extremely lazy. News had become about the sound bite and the velocity with which news hit the airwaves. Retractions were the back up if you reported something incorrect. And when did opinion become the same as reporting facts? GRR! I took journalism in college, y’all. You are NOT DOING IT RIGHT! So just for the sake of what little shred of respect we still have for you, CHECK YOUR DAMN FACTS!! Nuff said.

Gonna head home now. Data entry to do and a husband to snog. 🙂

Here’s a vid for a song that has been going through my head a lot lately:
Because I Want You– Placebo
Vodpod videos no longer available.



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