The ennui has me in it’s grasp and it ain’t letting go…

5 02 2009

Weather: High: 26 degrees and partly sunny. A warm up on the horizon, which is good, but with rain which is BAD!
Can’t seem to shake this gloomy doomy feeling. Being sick is only part of it. Just has that Sword of Damocles feel about it.

Before I forget– The Desolation Row vid showed up on MySPace.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
I love it. Some will hate it because it’s a punked up Dylan cover. Some will just hate it because it’s MCR. ::shrugs::  Again, I love it. Even my husband thought it was cool. And he’s not partial to the punk stuff.

Anyway. Came into work today. And still not even close to 75% of well. The cough is driving me wonky.

Lost last night was of the ZOMG SO GOOD! I’m convinced that if we fans try to hard to figure out the master plot, we too will start bleeding from the nose and pass out.  I SEE WOT UR DOIN, WRITERS!!  I mean the twist at the end? (Highlight the following if you want to read it–SPOILERS!) With Rousseau and Jin?? NICE GOING! And with Ben being behind the lawyer coming after Aaron? And the possibility of Miles being born on the island? ZOMG BRAIN IMPLOSION!!! (End of spoilers)

I managed to get another 700 words written over lunch today.  Muse is winning the fight with the Plague. This is a good thing.

Still can’t shake this feeling that something is hovering over our heads, waiting to fall. And it’s vaguely not a good thing. Hate when I get this.

I’m pounding back my second bottle of green tea today. If I’m gonna get more fluids in me, might as well get some antioxidents while I do it.

Haven’t taken any meds today, but I still feel okay. Bri is slowly wading up out of the same crap. Hopefully we’ll both be done with this soon. Being sick puts a lot of stuff on hold. And Bri is starting the Master Gardener classes next week. SO Thursdays will be early leave days for me. We only have the one car and he needs to be out in Crown Point by six. So we’re taking an early train home and he’ll drop me off so he can then book on out to his class. The down side is this is gonna eat into my PTO because my company takes PTO down to the 15 minute marker. Sigh. So I’m gonna end up losing as much as 2 full days of PTO because of this. I’ll survive.

Probably will watch Supernatural tonight. CSI has been good, but I miss my Winchester boys.  Caught up on the last two eps thanks to i-Tunes yesterday.
Need to wrap this up and get moving. Few loose ends to tie up before I leave. Looking forward to the warmer temps the next few days. WOO!



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