Wednesday is FIRED. Full Stop.

4 02 2009

Weather: High: 18 degrees and partly sunny.

SO. Stayed home sick today. Sinus issues and my cough has become ridiculous.

Add in that people in general are pissing me off today, on a number of levels, and sick and frustrated have merged to make me furious.

I seem to have lost my veneer to pretend everything is fine. Probably because I’ve reached the end of my rope where it comes to expectations from others are overstepping their bounds to the point where it’s impacting what I need to do.I am always open to helping others, but this drop what you’re doing and work on my shit attitude is getting on my last fucking nerve. Work is the worst perpetrator of this.


Brian, who is also sick, just had to listen to me rant for a good half hour. Suffice it to say I’m bristling with  a lot of anger. I know part of it is simply frustration at being sick for two weeks now with no cessation in my coughing.

I think that I need to just stay offline and off the phone today. I’m not fit for human interaction. Maybe it’s just as well. I can get some writing done. Brian seems to have the usual effect of calming me down. I can’t seem to stay angry around him. Probably a good thing, seeing as he’s grumpy too right now.

So, I’ll keep this short.

BTW–we got NO SNOW from the storm. Kinda disappointed. And the forecast is for the temps to reach up into the 40s with a spike up to 52 on Saturday. So things are gonna be sloppy for the next few days. Mom got about 8 inches of snow out by her, which just goes to show how narrow the band of Lake Effect was falling.

Waiting for my DVD to get here so I can indulge in my my eyeliner wearing emo rock boys. Think I will pop some of the movies we have from Netflix in today and get them out the door.

Maybe it’s a good thing I took the day off today. It has the feel of a pending thermonuclear meltdown on deck. Not an upset/depression trigger this time. A resentment/anger fueled one.

Time will tell.



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