So. Not. Awake.

27 02 2009

Weather: High: 32 degrees with wind and snow flurries. Emphasis on the WIND.

The walk in this morning was particularly brutal. My cheeks look like they’ve been slapped quite a bit. Wind burn–making Goths look rosy cheeked for decades, dammit!

Cranium seems to be full of oatmeal and focus is just not happening.

Heather just lobbed a plot bunny at me involving Clive Owen and the naughty librarian motif. With Clive as the Librarian. OY! My brain just melted. I think this is gonna end up a PWP story to be passed around for specifically prurient interest. GRINS . And I’m not at all feeling the slightest amount of guilt about that either.

Mom has called from California and is having a nice time. Even saying she’s thinking it might be an option to move there. O_O.  I think the heat will change her mind. (She’s in the Valley near Sacramento.) Still, I think it would behoove her to move somewhere near some family. Gives her lots of options now. We have cousins and other relatives in CA, MT, NC, FL, TX and OH. So lots of options on her plate. 😉

Bri and I are tightening the belts, well metaphorically. Literally would require more activity on our part. OY! (Reminds self to get basement cleaned up for Tae Bo and Yoga workouts. SRSLY.) Hopefully there is a possible full time job in Bri’s near future. He just a applied for a position, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed in the mean time. He’s also applied to some positions in Seattle. And I’m looking at an MLS program at U-Dub, so maybe we’re sowing the seeds to get the hell outta here sooner rather than later.  😉

Possibly having Brendan and his girlfriend over this weekend after a few weather related delays. Also need to get a metric tonne of cleaning and writing done. And maybe start this epic workout plan that I’ve been methodically avoiding for too long. Body is going to hell at a rather disturbing rate.  Staring at diabetes and potential heart issues if I don’t do something soon. And I have a feeling my knees would thank me if they didn’t have a shit load of weight on top of them.

Ah well. End of day’s caught up with me. Must trundle off to the train. And get my train pass. ::listens to the sound of her Bank Account sucking dry.::

Must dash.

No vid today, but you can always go surf zee youtube for good stuff!

Okay…today is just weird from the get go…

26 02 2009

weather: High: 46 Degrees with rain & thunder later.
Woke up in a funky ass mood. The pain in my left foot actually woke me up at 2:30 a.m. this morning, so I’m thinking it’s probably time to invest in an ankle brace. Cause it’s not like I’m gonna get to see a doctor anytime soon. Sigh. ::stabs lack of insurance in it’s eye::

Commute to work in the morning has been unusually non-stress inducing. Ridership must be down on the trains because I’ve had a seat to myself most mornings.  It’s nice to just sink into the seat with music blaring over my headphones and snooze for the 45 minute duration from Hammond to Chicago. Of course that’s followed by a punishing 8 city blocks of pedestrian assholes and blustery Chicago weather. But it’s still a nice respite. Usually in the evening it’s a little more likely to be crammed in with another passenger, struggling to have enough elbow room to write, all the while dealing with a pungent olfactory assault of BO, fast food and cologne overdose.  At least I can listen to obnoxious music and annoy my fellow passengers. 🙂

Short day today so I more than likely will undercompensate for my verbosity yesterday.

OH! Time for the random List of Albums coming out that I MUST HAVE!! MUST!!

  1. Depeche Mode — Sounds of the Universe (April 21 2009)
  2. VNV Nation – Reformation (box set) TBA (Circa may 2009)
  3. VNV Nation- Of Faith, Power and Glory (Circa June 2009)
  4. U2 – No Line On The Horizon (March 3, 2009)
  5. Three Days Grace– TBA (Mid 2009)
  6. Green Day — 21st Century Breakdown (May 2009)
  7. Shortwave Dahlia — The Wilderness (TBA)
  8. Bat For Lashes — Two Suns (April 6, 2009)
  9. Apoptygma Berzerk — Rocket Science (Out now, need to get!)
  10. Lacuna Coil — Shallow Life (April 21, 2009)
  11. Silversun Pickups — Swoon (April 14, 2009)
  12. Breaking Benjamin — TBA (Late 2009)
  13. Massive Attack — TBA (Spring 2009)
  14. Muse — TBA (Late 2009)
  15. Trans Siberian Orchestra –The Night Castle (June 2009)
  16. Roxy Music (ORIG LINEUP- SQUEE!) –TBA  (late 2009)
  17. Crowded House — TBA (2009)
  18. Blink-182 (ZOMG!) — TBA (2009)
  19. Abney Park  – TBA (2009)
  20. My Chemical Romance – TBA (Late 2009)

And I’m sure there are more that I’m unaware of that will surface for me to geeble over.

New Depeche Mode Video:


**yawns** Wednesday, huh? :remains unimpressed::

25 02 2009

Weather: High: 48 degrees and possible rain showers throughout the day.

Watched Obama’s speech last night, (which is still boggling me as I’ve always avoided presidential speeches like the plague) and was definitely impressed. Yes I still have questions, but it was nice to hear a rousing speech that was motivating and uplifting for once. And the fact that the REPUBLICANS stood several times instead of just sitting and looking at their fingernails, that was heartening. I don’t expect congress to be all buddy-buddy or in agreement on all things, but you have to have some effort on behalf of compromise. Bipartisanship, when it’s working, means that both sides suggest ideas and you implement what’s going to work best. Doesn’t matter who’s idea. Better yet, if it’s a mixture of both ideas. The prevailing idea seems to be that one side wins. That’s not working together, that’s not even trying for what’s best. That’s just political grandstanding.

I’ve had a bit of a rant rumbling around in my brain for a few days, but I think I’ll just distill it down to a few lines. Too busy today to really write a lot, what with the boss out and all.

Suffice it to say, I’m a little befuddled why the constant reference to Ronald Reagan and the economy of 1981. I mean, I get why there are those who want to see that kind of economic recovery, but has everyone neglected to notice that the current economic climate, while on the surface looks similar, is completely different underneath? Has no one taken into account that when Reagan entered office, there were much fewer women in the workplace, that prevailing industries then are not the prevailing industries now? That technology has changed the face of  the business world? I appreciate that some economic factors do not change, but if you’re going to stimulate the economy, are you not taking into consideration that the type of funding that worked in 1981 is not going to work in 2009? Seriously. You’re looking at almost 30 years of job shifts, gender roles changing and a ton of exportation of jobs.  The situation is different and a lot of what caused this economic strife is outdated methods and 80’s style “Greed is Good” mentality that is WAY past it’s expiration date. Not to mention that the Baby Boomers who were in their prime back then, are now retirees and they are not exactly on board with the “Scrap medicare and social security” push that’s going on with the right wing contingent.  All I’m saying is stop making a one-to-one comparison between the economic crisis of the early 80’s and the one now. Too many factors are different to say that the solutions of them would work now. We need fresh eyes and fresh solutions.

Do I think we have all the answers in the stimulus and housing packages? Probably not. But is it a good idea to shake up the status quo and use it as a economic sorbet so we can try something new? Definitely. I just hope that Congress AS A WHOLE will stop treading the tired old political divide and start listening to people who actually understand the problems and have credible solutions. Here’s the rub: contrary to popular belief, about 90% of congress has only marginal understanding of all the issues involved with the economic downturn. They are not economists or mathematicians. They are POLITICIANS. They are kings and queens of the sound bite, the knee jerk reaction and the treading of the party line. None of these things are informed by actual understanding of the facts. Congress used to be led by people who UNDERSTOOD the situation, and the rest  fell in line behind these people. Now it’s just “vote the line our leader tells us”. I just don’t think this is productive or helpful. And the talking head pundits on television are making this even worse. Did you know that 85% of the people featured on discussions about the economy and the stimulus in the past two months have NOT been economists or advisers? The predominant people invited onto these talk shows have been political advisers, congressmen and other pundits. Regurgitating what OTHER politicians or pundits have said. Would you want to have people on to discuss the issues who had actually STUDIED the situation and had a grasp on the potential solutions? OR would you rather stick with people who can only give you shouty rants on why the other guy is wrong in supporting/opposing the solutions because of reasons that have nothing to do with the actual numbers or plan?

The Republicans spent a full week sound biting a supposed earmark about a marsh mouse in California that was to receive 30 billion dollars in protection. One problem– that ear mark didn’t exist in the legislation. It had appeared in a wishlist that actually was sourced from the EPA to support 65 different species in a wetlands protection program. Still, it wasn’t in the stimulus package. And six different Republican congressmen went on all the different pundit shows and hammered a totally false point into the ground and pinned all their reasons for not voting for the stimulus package on that false statement. Ditto for the L.A. to Vegas rail line. NOT IN THE PACKAGE.
It made a great soundbite and the right wing pundits crowed and quoted it and it became e-mails getting passed around and do you see where I”m going with this? I’m sure the Democrats have done the same, but this is the best example I can site.

My point is that, why are patently false claims getting this much credit and the facts, spoken by people who have the actual facts, are getting no air time?

So much for keeping this to a few lines. Ha.

Anyway. I guess I’m tired of the sound bite. I’m tired of being angry and pissed off and UNINFORMED by the very people who are paid to get the news to me.  I’m gonna start going to for my information. They are publishing the entire economic recovery information there, unvarnished and uninterpreted by political filtered pundits.

On a non politics front, I have a lot of writing to do today. Had a few brilliant flashes of plot bits that need inserting and have finally gotten visual aids for all my characters so that I can flesh them out a little more. 🙂

In bigger news on the personal front, my brother proposed to his girlfriend yesterday. I’m happy for him, but a bit cautious as it’s his second marriage.  But I like his new fiancee. She’s smart and lovely and funny and just all around a great person. I think she’ll be good for him.  🙂

My mum is leaving for California tomorrow and she’s both excited and nervous about the trip. She’s not scared to travel on her own (wonder where I got that from? 🙂 ) but the weather is looking a little sketchy and she has to drive a lot while she’s out there. Still, she’s seeing family and friends, so not like she’s being air dropped into a third world country and expected to survive on ants and berries.

I think I’m gonna tack on the Vid for the day and head off to do some writing while I snack at my lunch. 🙂

Have a little behind the scenes with Three Days Grace. Enjoy their Canadian accents (yes, they do pronounce “about” that way.) And a live performance of “Get Out Alive” (my fave) as well:

Fave quote from this bit: Drummer Neil Sanderson saying he needs a towel on his drum stool because he sweats “like a hooker in church”. 🙂

Mardi Gras Tuesday and no I don’t want any beads.

24 02 2009

weather: High 36 and Sunny.

Was made of lameness last night and fell asleep halfway through Medium. No reflection on the show, I was just that damn tired.

The boss is leaving at noon today and will be out tomorrow. The clamoring of idiots has already started. I’m thinking I’ll be getting a visit from the migraine faeries before to long. Thank the benevolent deities for meds here at work.

After a couple days of scribbling filler for the story, I’m beginning to see how much work it does need. Sigh. Some scenes are bare bones, others need some editing. And a few characters need to have some plumping done as they are mere set decoration at the moment. Double sigh.

Am geebling like a total fangirl over Watchmen opening next weekend. Apparently the critics are unsure what to make of it. It’s not a shiny happy superhero movie they can do a canned review for. And it’s certainly not a kids oreineted animated flick. I think it’s gonna get mediocre reviews but the fans will enjoy it. I know Wil Wheaton and the boys in MCR loved it and I consider those to be respected and informed opinions. 🙂

Alas work has interfered with my blogging activities today. FALE!

However, good news from the CW front: Supernatural has been renewed for another season. Alas, I believe Kripke has said it will be the last. SIGH. All my fave shows are ending. BSG only has like 4 eps left. Brian will be pouting after that.

Here: have a video.
Something to dance you out the door for once:
Shiny Toy Guns –I Owe You a Love Song
(Just the music so don’t get too excited)
This is my new go to “cheer my emo ass up” song. Very upbeat.

Don’t forget to watch the Leverage season finale tonight!!!

Monday with Post Oscars Hangover

23 02 2009

Weather: High 27 degrees and VERY SUNNY!

So, watched the Oscars last night and was very pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Hugh Jackman was fantastic as the host. I think he was right when he stated that the Oscars needed to be more show and less Biz. Also, I think it was nice NOT to have a comedian host for once. Was happy with most of the wins. Still would have liked to see Anne Hathaway win, but she’s got ample opportunities ahead of her.

Work is mostly about the data entry today. Office is overly warm today, so making me drowsy.

Putting together some stuff for a Cafe Press site. The Writers’ Cabal needs new coffee mugs, dammit! Did some photoshopping on the fly. Gonna commisserate with the rest of the ladies and see what we can come up with.

Spent my lunch hour hammering out another 750 words. Mostly for the abduction/Tasting Party scene. Needed to amp up the danger a bit. So it got a bit bloody. Which is good. The muse is happy. Bloody rock star vampires.

Brooding Rock Star Vampire Muse

Brooding Rock Star Vampire Muse


It’s getting late in the day. So here’s the vid for the day:
VNV Nation — Standing (live)
(The chorus on this still gives me chills. Can’t wait for their new album and DVD coming out soon! )

Is it really Friday? REALLY? Othkgods!!!

20 02 2009

weather: High: 30 Degrees with SnowPocalypse on the horizon

Weather is Threatening to go straight in the shitter this weekend. Possibly six to eight inches of snow. Sigh. DONE WITH WINTER, DID YOU NOT GET THE MEMO, DAMMIT???

Am conversing via email with the Writing Cabal, and we’re discussing the merits of trying to pursue a unique twist on vampire mythology or just returning to the core mythology and writing the vampire of lore, rather than the vampire that has developed from cultural mores. Fun stuff!

Looking very forward to BSG tonight. Can’t believe we’re so close to the end of the series. DYING to find out what’s going on with Ellen and to see if Anders still retains his memory dump. Very good stuff. Hubby is very fanboyish over the show.

SPent last night watching a good 2/3 of Season three of Alias. GODS I miss that show! And this was the Vaughn Goes Jack Bauer season.

Which reminded me, might I add, that Jack Bristow PWNS Jack Bauer . Just saying. I’m more scared of Jack Bristow because let’s face it: He wouldn’t break a sweat choking the life out of you. And he’d make a dry quip before he dumped your body in a wood chipper. He also has the death glare DOWN.
Jack is mad. You don’t want Jack mad at you. (NSFW-violence)

See? Much scarier than Jack Bauer.  Bauer=Sledge Hammer + C4. Bristow=Scalpel, blowtorch + empty soulless stare. BRISTOW FTW.

Anyway. Much work to do so here have a video and I’m buggering off for the rest of the day. Writing to do, and BSG to watch and a husband to snog. I have a full dance card.

Daily Video + SQUEE!
Ladytron — Tomorrow (new vid!! New vid!!)

ETA: Warren Ellis just Twittered: “I will not care about the Oscars until Jason Statham gets the Jason Statham Oscar For Jason Statham Kicking People In The Head.”

This is an idea I am totally behind!

This is shaping up to a FIRED WEEK.!!

19 02 2009

weather: High: 23 degrees and WINDY. ZOMG SO COLD!

At work late because the damn trains were fubar again this morning. Managed to get to the train station early and figured I’d catch the 7:09 train. So I hustled up to the platform and stood in the subzero temps and waited. And waited. And waited some more. No announcement as to the train being late. Getting irritated. Figured, oh well. Catch the 7:22. Waited . Waited some more. Really getting pissed. FINALLY at 7:30 (ZOMG!) we get the announcement that the 7:22 will be there in 5 minutes. And standing room only. Sigh. I managed to finagle a seat nonetheless and we got into the station at Randolph at 8:30.  Turned out the 7:09 train was cancelled (nice of them to tell us) and even though I had been 20 minutes early to the station, and even with taking a cab, I was 10 minutes late to work.  This is getting annoying.

Short day today because Brian has his Master Gardener class today. Will more than likely be watching MCR & Alias tonight since Supernatural is on hiatus until late March. ::whines:: .

Lost was frikkin AWESOME last night. Even Brian was enthralled. So many cool developments. SPOILERS AHOY! Highlight the following if you’re interested:

So! Locke committed SUICIDE? And why was Ben all bloodcovered and broken armed? DID HE KILL PENNY??? ZOMG NO!!! And where is Aaron? And why won’t Kate say anything about where he is? We know Hurley, Kate and Jack made it to the island. Where are Sayid and Sun? And what about Ben? Didn’t Richard say that Ben couldn’t come back? HMMMMMM! From the previews we know two things: Locke is alive again and apparently Ben was there when he killed himself.  Holy Crap this next ep looks good! SPOILERVISION OFF!

Will be doing some writing tonight. Have lobbed another beta off to my lovely friend Sandy to give it a perusal.  I need to get the Atlanta sequence input and also add some filler scenes to smooth the transition. There’s a few other bits and bobs to be tweaked. And a few loose ends that need tying up.

Went and dug out all the reference materials and text written on the Manx Sidhe/Celtic Lore twist story I started a few years ago. Been itching to get back to that one. I’m still debating on whether to make that a Young Adult story or not.

And Dark of the Mirror and Carrion Dreams both are yammering for attention now too. Seems they smell I’m almost finished with When the Lights Go Out, and are jockying for next in line. And I’m considering a name change for WTLGO. Maybe calling it Burning on the Inside…but there might be too many bad jokes launched by that…Sigh.

Dashing off to get some lunch.

Allright. Cutting this short as I need to be outta here in an hour and I have a ton to do.

Weather + Hormones= ZOMG! HEIDI SMASH!

18 02 2009

Weather: OY! High: 39 Degrees. Rain early, switching to snow later. Yuck.

And OW. My joints are achy as hell.

And my monthlies are making work an extremely painful endeavor.

Car is back from the shop, and thank the gods, it came in at $80 to fix the wheel and headlight. Cannot begin to tell you the relief upon hearing that number.

Brought “Life on the the Murder Scene” with me to work today, but it’s looking not likely that I’ll get a chance to pop it in. Pouts.

Actually stopped and smiled when “I Don’t Care” by Apocalyptica with AG on vocals came up on the shuffle.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Will never get sick of that. Looks like something I would have concocted. SERIOUSLY.

Am still gobsmacked that Captain Robert from Abney Park replied to a comment I made over on LJ. :insert fangirl squee:  Really hope they’re gonna be at Dragon*con this year. ::crosses fingers::

Watching the weather a little worriedly. Looks like a lot of ice mixed in with the rain and snow. And we have to drive home from Chicago. Never a good combo.

Need to get back on the writing horse. Have bee under the weather lately, but that’s no excuse.

Yeah. Muses with Mischief on their Minds...

Yeah. Muses with Mischief on their Minds...

I mean, these guys can get very pokey when they think you’re not listening to them. And that guy out front there? He’s the loudest. Needless to say I’m very much needing to get back to writing. HAve other muses also lurking in the background wanting to be heard.  Of course having my skull not exploding and the rest of the body healthy would be a big help. Sigh.

LOST tonight and ZOMG is it getting good again. They’ve actually been answering a lot of  questions and the circles are less overlapping than just matching up. LOVE IT. Have Alias Season 3 dvds to watch as well.

Off to brave the slick roads….

Tuesday is Fired. And stick a fork in me, turn me over I’m DONE.

17 02 2009

Weather: High: 42 Degrees with Rain in PM.

Came into work this morning to the news that our salaries are being frozen for 2009. Not exactly news I wanted to hear, though I’d be lying if I said I was surprised or not expecting it.  Just adds another layer of WTF on top of the crap I’m already dealing with.

Add in also that my UTERUS IS TRYING TO KILL ME. ::pokes it and throws more ibuprofen at it. ::

HAd McD’s for lunch. ::slaps self for stupidity::  but got some amusement out of it. My order number was 666. SO I settled in for the Lunch of the Beast and chuckled muchly.

On a good note, FINALLY got my copy of “Life on the Murder Scene” and have already subjected the husband to the first five minutes of the Documentary. Think I’ve scarred him for life. 🙂  So yes. I have  3 discs of MCR goodness to dive into come Thursday. (Bri has class and I’ll have a few hours to kill) plus my Third Season of Alias should be along shortly. YAY! DARK VAUGHN!! This was my favorite season with all its love triangle-tortured Vaughn-scary Jack-desperate Sydney goodness!

Okay. Boss is gone and work has eaten what’s left of my time. Hopefully a more substantive post tomorrow. Leverage tonight. WOOT!

Shiny Toy Guns — Ghost Town.
(Not really representative of their synthpop side, but it’s an AWESOME animated vid!)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

How did it get to be Monday again?

16 02 2009

Weather: High: 35 degrees with the flaming ball of evil in the sky. (Sunny for you non-vampires)

Have a bit of a headache today.  Came on suddenly. Sharp pain to the side of the head. Always worries me when it comes on like this.

Need to get my health in order. Signed up for dental and vision insurance today. Health insurance is still cost prohibitive. I can’t take a $300 a month hit for it. Not with Brian’s income a big ? these days.


Have taken anti-migraine meds and put my damn glasses back on. Sigh. Getting older sucks. Eyestrain induced migraines suck. GAH!

Managed to get some lunch in me so hopefully this will stave off any further attacks. Sigh.

Writing continues apace. Doing some tweaking over lunch, but rewrites are in the works as well. I hate rewrites. Sight.

Bri had to take Gretchen in for a checkup this morning. Turns out the wheel bearing on the driver’s side was shot and needed replacing. And the bulb in one of th headlights had gone out.  Luckily for us, this was all covered under the warranty. So it came in around $100, which we can handle. Sigh.

And taxes have been dropped off with our CPA, my sister’s friend Cathy. So hopefully we won’t get screwed on those this year too. Sigh.

I’m ending a lot of these paragraphs with a sigh. Sigh.

Anyway. Heroes tonight and more writing. And possibly more data entry should I get a wild hare.

I’ve posted this before, but I love this song SO MUCH!
Lips Like Morphine — Kill Hannah love my Chicago boys!

Have a good evening all.