Friday finally. I can almost collapse now.

30 01 2009

weather: High: 16 degrees & flurries later. And I wonder why I’m sick.

Just downloaded the vid for “Desolation Row” (not Ave like my addled mind posted yesterday-OY!) by MCR. It is made of chaotic punk AWESOME! I really do love my tattooed, guy-liner wearing, emo rock boys. And the shot of Frank on his back, knees under playing guitar?…yeah…kinda NSFW thoughts there. (I’d post the vid but it’s not up anywhere yet. I got it from i-tunes!) The Watchmen Music site has more info…

MCR Frank Iero from Desolation Row Vid. Yum.

MCR Frank Iero from Desolation Row Vid. Yum.

So Yeah. Will be distracting myself with that a LOT today. Gerard just looks psychotic as usual, and Mikey seems to have sprouted a pompadour. Bob and Ray look about the same. For a cover of a Bob Dylan song, I really really like their take on it.  (Sorry Dylan purists, I’m not exactly a fan) . And of course, it’s for the Watchman movie so there are refs all over the video. Bonus AWESOME points for that.

Ironically my i_Tunes understands my moods today. Just threw “Riot” by Three Days Grace, “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold and “Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen at me in rapid succession. Feeling sick and grumpy and taking it out on co-workers who are annoying me.

Dear Co-workers,

Do not play dumb when coming to me with a technical problem. I know you are more adept at using the computer than you like to pretend. The hours I have to spend removing porn related viruses from your machines tells me other wise.

And do not try to engage me in teasing banter when I have a serial killer scowl on my face. This will only get you a nasty response that will make you fear for your limbs and dangly bits. And I’m not kidding either. Escalating teasing at this point is tantamount to poking me with a sharp stick and may result in a quick and messy ending to your existence. Thus the mop and Hefty bags at my desk.

And lastly? Do not heap attitude on me when I’m feeling this lousy. I will hock a plague infested loogey on your keyboard without a second thought. TRY ME.

Your Automation Tech Ninja

Sorry. Needed to be done.

Lost was awesome the other night. No spoilers here, but dear gods that explained a lot and I think I see who’s connected to who now. O HAI writers, I See wot You did thar!

CSI was good but Eleventh Hour was FANTASTIC last night. Really liked that they put a good show for stem cell usage and distinguished between the various types. Nice to see science portrayed in a postive light instead of just showing the scary aspects.

My lovely friend Heather sent me a mini-digital recorder so I can start putting story ideas into it. I can talk the story line and describe scenes a lot better out loud. Sometimes the scenes when I write them direct, especially fight scenes, come out too expositiony. Too explain and not show. I need to describe what I’m seeing in my head then try to put it into words.  The recorder will help that.

Had a nice zen like lunch listening to Neil Gaiman’s interview on Talk of the Nation.

Was gobsmacked when half way through, he was asked what comics he was into and he said that he really liked Umbrella Academy.  I think I heard Gerard squee from here. (Talk about bringing this post full circle!)

Dev’s been kicking me in the head lately. Need to get back on the writing horse so to speak. This weekend definitely will be a writing weekend. What with it being Superbowl Sunday and me not giving  a toss, it will probably be fairly quiet on the telly front.  Heather and I were discussing half jokingly doing a crossover story. Which would be interesting considering that her story takes place in the age of the Roman Empire and mine is contemporary. But they both have Vampires so anything really is possible.

Anyway–need to get back to work as I’ve gotten feck all done today. And I feel like worse crap now. WOo!

Have a MyChemical Romance vid. Because they’re adorkable and I Loves them like my own little Goth Emo Children.
So– Here’s “Helena”, which is their Gothiest video. LOVE IT.
Vodpod videos no longer available.



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