Thursday? I think? Meds are FUN!

29 01 2009

Weather: High: 30 degrees and partly cloudy with snow tonight. Yet more on the repeat.

This constant cough and sinus crap? CAN DIE NOW! KTHXBYE!

Working like a dog on this damn data entry. Eyeballs inverting at 8pt Font. So tired. Just in general. But excited that Coraline is coming out in about a week, as is Push. Tomorrow there’s a new MCR vid coming to i-Tunes for Desolation Avenue, which I am inexplicably a twitter about. (Hell, any new music from my cadre of tatooed emo rock boys makes me happy.) Add in that it’s for the Watchmen soundtrack and the squee may build to intolerable levels.

Haven’t written much lately, though I’m at the point of writing bridge scenes and just need to wrap up the story. There’s a few plot threads I need to go back in and tie up but all in all, the story is done. And I’m a little sad about that. I love my characters and sometimes it’s hard to say goodby to them. This particular book doesn’t warrant a sequel or series so I’ll be done when I’m done.  Carrion Dreams is going to be a trilogy and I’ve already mapped out all three books. That will be the next project. And Dark of the Mirror will end up being a one shot, though it’s shaping up to be the longest of my books.

Tonight, I’ll toss a coin to see if we watch CSI or Supernatural. (We soooo need a dvr!)

It’s not much of a post today, but I’m sick and busy and really need to stop sinking so much time into FACEBOOK dammit. 😦




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