Tuesday and the Crud has returned.

27 01 2009

Weather: High : 20 Degrees & Show Showers later. I AM SO OVER WINTER!

Yep, the damn Christmas Crud has made an unwelcome return and settled into my chest this time. Having no health insurance is beginning to be seriously problematic. Hopefully the cough suppressent/ Expectorant I’m taking will clear it out before it goes into bronchitis. After having tangoed with walking pneumonia last January, I really would not like a repeat performance.

Plowing through a mass of manual database updates today so this will probably be short.

Posted the vid for Sleep Isabella to Facebook. We’ll see what reception it gets. Always try to expose people to new stuff. Whether they want the exposure or not.

Am clubbing myself in the head for forgetting to put the Shortwave Dahlia album on the list of albums I’m looking forward to. I am made of FALE on several fronts there. Jack shall flog me the next time we meet and it will be WELL DESERVED!

Have resorted to playing 3DG live vids on You Tube to keep me entertained while my brains are slowly leaking out my ears. Data entry is bad enough, but 12 pages of 8pt Font with 12 – 20 digit policy numbers? My eyeballs are inverting as we speak.

Gonna sign off now as I need to book on some more of this data entry before I leave.



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