Friday at last…and my body is made of FALE.

23 01 2009

weather: High: 31 degrees, though it’s gonna plummet this afternoon. Partly sunny.

Fell on some ice yesterday and am feeling the repercussions today. Sore knee, sore hip, and both my ankles are giving me grief when I walk. So falling apart in my old age.

Have decided this weekend is not only makeover weekend but complete bloody life overhaul weekend.The hair will be getting dyed on Sunday and there are a number of other small physical things that will be dealt with this weekend as well. Workouts are starting up. Diet will be adjusted. I’d like to get my ears pierced again. Eventually that damn tattoo will get done. But this is just the physical things that need adjusting.

I’ve come to realize my spiritual and mental aspects have been even more woefully neglected.  Time will be made for meditation. And quiet time. As in no TV and music on LOW.  My brain is like a whirly gig right now and even though I’m writing, I’m not at the level I want to be. Mostly because I’m too damn distracted.

Been spending a lot of time searching through Neil Gaiman’s Journal for writing advice.  He’s a veritable fount of info and gives the best nuggets of wisdom for writers. It’s mostly just common sense, but coming form him, and the way he doles it out, it just seems much more easy to take to heart and believe.  It does quell a lot of the fear of failure I have. Not that I have any illusions of coming near to his level of writing. I aspire, granted, but do not hold my breath.

Spent most of my morning e-mailing my writer cabal and commiserating on the not joy of mid-novel ennui. Seems I’m not alone in this. It’s that wall you hit and your brain suddenly loses it’s shit and starts screaming incoherently “OMG!! WHAT HAVE  I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO HERE???”  So needless to say, I’m whacking away at the manuscript with a highlighter to trim away the crap.

On a more fun note.

This is the story how Neil Gaiman got the nickname “Scary Trousers”. It came from Alan Moore, so you can only imagine. 🙂

Ready for the weekend. New hair do. Possibly seeing Underworld this weekend. So much in the Yay column.




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