Mercury Retrograde strikes again….

21 01 2009

weather: High: 27 degrees and partly sunny.

Commute this morning was a clusterf@ck thanks to Metra’s shenanigans. Sigh. No more whining about this. Just was a sucky commute.

Gonna do some writing today so this entry may be shorter to allow for more time on that.

Lost starts up again tonight and I’m ecstatic. So much good telly on nowadays.
Last night’s Leverage was awesome if only for the Doctor Who references and Christian Kane’s sheer annoyed expression through the whole ep. When he took out the guy in the airplane bathroom, it was an explosion of frustration that was beautiful to watch.

And Fringe was FANTASTIC. Gods I’ve grown to love this show.

Just to tide you over:
Lost Season 5 Trailer!

GOtta dash, More info tomorrow

ETA: did 500+ words over lunch! WOO!




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