::subject missing due to ZOMGCOLD::

16 01 2009

Weather: High:5 degrees. It’s currently -14 with a -20 windchill. ZOMG COLD! Oh and sunny. Like it matters!
Needless to say it was a bit of time so I could thaw out this morning. OUr train actually arrived on time, but due to the usual Metra shenanigans, we arrived at our destination a half hour late. Bri and I both took taxis, partly because of the time and mostly because of the frostbite inducing temps.

Battlestar Galactica comes back with the last 10 eps EVAH starting tonight. Bri and I are possibly more geek-squee ready than we’ve been in a while. This is Bri’s favorite show, full stop.

Work is work. Trying to get through the day today. Just too tired and sore and warm to concentrate. (Mind you it’s warm because they have the heat cranked in here. You’d think that would be a blessing all things considered but not so much. )

Ah well. The brain, she is kaput. Must start wrapping up to go home. Have dinner with my fam tomorrow to belatedly celebrate my birthday (More pressies! WOO!)  Also, I’ll hopefully be getting my hair cut and dyed on Sunday. ::fingers crossed::

Hopefully there will also be some writing this weekend. This week has been horribly made of fale on that front.




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