Wow. That time again?

12 01 2009

weather: High: 28 degrees and pm snow.

So after a dry weekend (no writing got done) and realizing the muses had bollocksed off to the pub for a long weekend, (grumbles)  I awoke this morning to two immediate bits of amusement. One, ZOMG it’s my Birthday. Forty-two years young today!
Second, the first song played on the radio when the alarm went off?
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yep. Love when the muses come crawling back in after a lost weekend at the pub. Welcome back to the fold, Devon.
And don’t give me that whiny “but I have a HANGOVER” blather.
ETA: How funny is this? The band posted an update today of all days saying the new album will be done sooner rather than later. After a drought of news…ON MY FRIKKIN’ BIRTHDAY there’s finally News!

ON a fandom SQUEE note: BSG returns on Friday and Lost starts up again next week! Watched the special last night that was a half-hour Catch Up, and all it did was whet the appetite. Bri and I were just rapt watching it. We are such fan nerds when it comes to BSG. And Lost? Dear gods how long has it been since we watched the island vanish?? I WANT MY CRACK SHOW BACK! Add in that Fringe will be back soon and Supernatural is back soon and ZOMG! NEW LEVERAGE TOMORROW NIGHT! (TV Junkie, I am at that!)

BTW– Here’s what the hubby got me for my birthday.

Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone Necklace

The picture doesn’t do justice to how vibrant the colors are. And the moonstones are beautifully opalescent.

And the earrings:

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone Earrings

Yep. He knows me far too well.

Neat thing is , in some light, the stones look green, and other light, blue. He told me it was like my eyes.

Yeah. He’s a keeper.

Also gave me a card that made me cry. The good kind of cry, of course.

Birthdays are of the good because of him.

Been gobsmacked at all the birthday wishes I’ve been getting. I told Bri this morning that I’m totally awkward and don’t know how to accept compliments and good wishes. It seems silly, but I’m better at giving than receiving when it comes to these things.

On an UBERSQUEE note:
Moonlight is getting released on DVD January 20th!

ZOMG! Josef and Mick on TAP!!! (I can hear the hubby rolling his eyes from here!)
ETA: Pre-Ordered it! WOO!!

Forgot to mention, and it’s definitely mentionable, the guys in SHortwave Dahlia had a gig on Friday night and they dedicated a song to me. ::is chuffed::
In the middle of performing “Loose Arrow”, Jack broke in and wished me Happy Birthday and the band broke into Temptation by New Order, which was dedicated to me. 🙂 I have the best friends I swear.

The video is here if you’re so inclined!

Anyway, looks like we’re under a blizzard wrning until noon tomorrow. We’re not due to get much in the way of snow, but the wind and the brutal temps are going to make for a not so fun commute.

To end this post, let’s have a little stroll down Moonlight history…
Vodpod videos no longer available.
::rubs hands together:: CAN NOT WAIT!!




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