Someone buy me a new digestive tract for my birthday. OY!

8 01 2009

Weather:  High: 23 degrees and Mostly sunny. ::grumbles:: Cold as hell this morning!

Was woken out of a sound sleep by something trying to gnaw its way out of my stomach at 3:30 am. Needless to say, I’m dragging something fierce at work today.

Still, stuff to get done. So I spent the morning doing my usual data processing and added in some long overdue web updates. Finally cleaning off that dusty “Honey Dew” list from ’08.

There’s a good article here:
Tell me more! Why do we Overshare?

It’s something that I always think about and they finally put a point on it that I hadn’t considered.

Yesterday’s post was actually all about this. But their point was that the overshare syndrome has been instigated by a constant barrage of Reality TV, social networking sites and blogs. People, as I noted yesterday, are narcissists at heart. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Everyone wants to feel validated. And nowadays, we are constantly holding ourselves and others up to ridiculous standards, so is it any surprise that everyone is insecure and needs a little bolstering up on the “am I a good person?” front?
I’m just as guilty of this as the next person, but we all are to a certain degree.
It’s kind of like the Andy Warhol  “every one is famous for 15 minutes”  idea is getting stretched to it’s maximum. Why else would people subject themselves to the humiliation that is reality tv?

Anyway. I kinda said what I wanted to say on this topic yesterday. But go read the article. It’s really good.




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