Still not getting the hang of this work thing…

6 01 2009

weather: High: 34 degrees.  Light bit of snow & cloudy otherwise.

The weather turned cold again this morning and we headed off to the train in a downpour of what could best be described as snow pellets. Not much with the accumulation, but still managing to pile up anyway.

Yay. January in the Midwest. ::goes back to looking longingly at the weather in Seattle.::

Gonna spend my lunch hour today entering the longhand edits I did last night into the electronic file I’m lugging around with me via flashdrive.

Looks like a short post today folks. My brain is like overcooked oatmeal and has less thought processes.

OH! One last thing. Bri and I have been watching the World of Dance (or whatever it’s called) competition and all I can say is the South African judge is about to get my boot up his ass.  I’m not big on reality shows, even less on the competition ones. But this heap of parrot droppings has to be the most CONDESCENDING and BITCHTASTIC judge I’ve ever seen. He puts Simon to shame! GAH!

Must be off to get some work done.

Enjoy some Abney Park:

The Emperor’s Wives (Live) — Just for the percussion & guitar I love this damn song sooo much! Excellent all way round!




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