2009…AH! Love that New Year Smell!

5 01 2009

Weather: High: 30 degrees and sunny! SO VERY VERY SUNNY! BAH!

SO… New year! So far so good. ::knocks every available wood surface.::

Good news on the “My Friends are Cool Musicians” front. Shortwave Dahlia is about ready to release their next Album, “The Wilderness”. I’ve heard the tracks and it is simply AMAZING!!! Good gods I cannot WAIT to get my hot little hands on this album!

My writing has taken a weird left turn. I had a dream sequence that just would not let go of me and I spent a good few hours hammering it out. It could possibly fit in the novel, but it would almost seem to be levered in. It’s just annoying when I spend the time tapping out three thousand words and I can’t get it to work within the context of the story. GAH!

Spent my lunch hour wading through the manuscript so far and tightening up some of the dialogue and fixing some continuity errors. It’s finally starting to flow better, though I’m still getting the nagging sense that I need a stronger plot point to carry the story through. I’ll be doing the down and dirty with red pen and hard copy of the manuscript tonight.

Think I’m gonna be cleaning house on apps over at Facebook this weekend. I have had at least 90 requests pending at any one time and I just can’t keep up with them anymore. I like Facebook for it’s shorthand posting, but the apps thing is ridiculous. I don’t have the time to invest in most of the ongoing games.

I’m determined to do the following this year:

  1. Lose weight. Not for any other reason than my health.
    Seattle is getting more lean than Portland right now, mostly because Brian has a Job Connection there. I’m not complaining. I’ve wanted to move to Seattle since 1991.
  3. Get at least 2 manuscripts finished and re-start working on the three back burnered manuscripts.
  4. Get Health Insurance. Bri and I are woefully overdue for checkups. And with us wanting to get preggers, I need to get a lot of tests done. Especially considering my age.
  5. Dye the hair. Get the piercing. Get the ink. You’ve wanted it for a LONG time. JUST DO IT.
  6. GO TO DRAGON*CON. This may be the only year that you’ll have EVERYONE there at once.
  7. Get you’re actual website up and running. Stop fiddle faddling on LJ and Facebook and get the damn site up.
  8. Go to some concerts for gods’ sake!
  9. Do NOT let your self-doubt and insecurities get a toe-hold again. They do you no good and only serve those who would seek to keep you from reaching your goals.
  10. Love Brian. Love him a lot. Love him often. Love him in new and unusual ways. VBEG

So…resolustions set. Now if I could just get the muses to fall in line. Disreputable bastards the lot of them .


If only they weren’t so damn cute.

Turning 42 in a week. Still trying to wrap my head around that.

And just so you know–I’ll be there with bells on!
Trailer for Coraline: the Movie




One response

6 01 2009

I like the list! Here’s to everything you are working towards!
Seattle seems so far away!! Of course, how long has it been since we saw each other last?! Good grief – you can’t be turning 42 either – we were just teenagers about 2 weeks ago…

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