Friday finally. I can almost collapse now.

30 01 2009

weather: High: 16 degrees & flurries later. And I wonder why I’m sick.

Just downloaded the vid for “Desolation Row” (not Ave like my addled mind posted yesterday-OY!) by MCR. It is made of chaotic punk AWESOME! I really do love my tattooed, guy-liner wearing, emo rock boys. And the shot of Frank on his back, knees under playing guitar?…yeah…kinda NSFW thoughts there. (I’d post the vid but it’s not up anywhere yet. I got it from i-tunes!) The Watchmen Music site has more info…

MCR Frank Iero from Desolation Row Vid. Yum.

MCR Frank Iero from Desolation Row Vid. Yum.

So Yeah. Will be distracting myself with that a LOT today. Gerard just looks psychotic as usual, and Mikey seems to have sprouted a pompadour. Bob and Ray look about the same. For a cover of a Bob Dylan song, I really really like their take on it.  (Sorry Dylan purists, I’m not exactly a fan) . And of course, it’s for the Watchman movie so there are refs all over the video. Bonus AWESOME points for that.

Ironically my i_Tunes understands my moods today. Just threw “Riot” by Three Days Grace, “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold and “Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen at me in rapid succession. Feeling sick and grumpy and taking it out on co-workers who are annoying me.

Dear Co-workers,

Do not play dumb when coming to me with a technical problem. I know you are more adept at using the computer than you like to pretend. The hours I have to spend removing porn related viruses from your machines tells me other wise.

And do not try to engage me in teasing banter when I have a serial killer scowl on my face. This will only get you a nasty response that will make you fear for your limbs and dangly bits. And I’m not kidding either. Escalating teasing at this point is tantamount to poking me with a sharp stick and may result in a quick and messy ending to your existence. Thus the mop and Hefty bags at my desk.

And lastly? Do not heap attitude on me when I’m feeling this lousy. I will hock a plague infested loogey on your keyboard without a second thought. TRY ME.

Your Automation Tech Ninja

Sorry. Needed to be done.

Lost was awesome the other night. No spoilers here, but dear gods that explained a lot and I think I see who’s connected to who now. O HAI writers, I See wot You did thar!

CSI was good but Eleventh Hour was FANTASTIC last night. Really liked that they put a good show for stem cell usage and distinguished between the various types. Nice to see science portrayed in a postive light instead of just showing the scary aspects.

My lovely friend Heather sent me a mini-digital recorder so I can start putting story ideas into it. I can talk the story line and describe scenes a lot better out loud. Sometimes the scenes when I write them direct, especially fight scenes, come out too expositiony. Too explain and not show. I need to describe what I’m seeing in my head then try to put it into words.  The recorder will help that.

Had a nice zen like lunch listening to Neil Gaiman’s interview on Talk of the Nation.

Was gobsmacked when half way through, he was asked what comics he was into and he said that he really liked Umbrella Academy.  I think I heard Gerard squee from here. (Talk about bringing this post full circle!)

Dev’s been kicking me in the head lately. Need to get back on the writing horse so to speak. This weekend definitely will be a writing weekend. What with it being Superbowl Sunday and me not giving  a toss, it will probably be fairly quiet on the telly front.  Heather and I were discussing half jokingly doing a crossover story. Which would be interesting considering that her story takes place in the age of the Roman Empire and mine is contemporary. But they both have Vampires so anything really is possible.

Anyway–need to get back to work as I’ve gotten feck all done today. And I feel like worse crap now. WOo!

Have a MyChemical Romance vid. Because they’re adorkable and I Loves them like my own little Goth Emo Children.
So– Here’s “Helena”, which is their Gothiest video. LOVE IT.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Thursday? I think? Meds are FUN!

29 01 2009

Weather: High: 30 degrees and partly cloudy with snow tonight. Yet more on the repeat.

This constant cough and sinus crap? CAN DIE NOW! KTHXBYE!

Working like a dog on this damn data entry. Eyeballs inverting at 8pt Font. So tired. Just in general. But excited that Coraline is coming out in about a week, as is Push. Tomorrow there’s a new MCR vid coming to i-Tunes for Desolation Avenue, which I am inexplicably a twitter about. (Hell, any new music from my cadre of tatooed emo rock boys makes me happy.) Add in that it’s for the Watchmen soundtrack and the squee may build to intolerable levels.

Haven’t written much lately, though I’m at the point of writing bridge scenes and just need to wrap up the story. There’s a few plot threads I need to go back in and tie up but all in all, the story is done. And I’m a little sad about that. I love my characters and sometimes it’s hard to say goodby to them. This particular book doesn’t warrant a sequel or series so I’ll be done when I’m done.  Carrion Dreams is going to be a trilogy and I’ve already mapped out all three books. That will be the next project. And Dark of the Mirror will end up being a one shot, though it’s shaping up to be the longest of my books.

Tonight, I’ll toss a coin to see if we watch CSI or Supernatural. (We soooo need a dvr!)

It’s not much of a post today, but I’m sick and busy and really need to stop sinking so much time into FACEBOOK dammit. 😦

Yet another day in paradise. And yes that’s sarcasm you smell.

29 01 2009

Weather: High: 21 Degrees and Snow.  Lather Rinse Repeat.

Today is dragging. Have a bajillion things to do and I’m still coughing like a 3 pack a day smoker.

Tuesday and the Crud has returned.

27 01 2009

Weather: High : 20 Degrees & Show Showers later. I AM SO OVER WINTER!

Yep, the damn Christmas Crud has made an unwelcome return and settled into my chest this time. Having no health insurance is beginning to be seriously problematic. Hopefully the cough suppressent/ Expectorant I’m taking will clear it out before it goes into bronchitis. After having tangoed with walking pneumonia last January, I really would not like a repeat performance.

Plowing through a mass of manual database updates today so this will probably be short.

Posted the vid for Sleep Isabella to Facebook. We’ll see what reception it gets. Always try to expose people to new stuff. Whether they want the exposure or not.

Am clubbing myself in the head for forgetting to put the Shortwave Dahlia album on the list of albums I’m looking forward to. I am made of FALE on several fronts there. Jack shall flog me the next time we meet and it will be WELL DESERVED!

Have resorted to playing 3DG live vids on You Tube to keep me entertained while my brains are slowly leaking out my ears. Data entry is bad enough, but 12 pages of 8pt Font with 12 – 20 digit policy numbers? My eyeballs are inverting as we speak.

Gonna sign off now as I need to book on some more of this data entry before I leave.

Monday, a New Moon, New Year and New Do!

26 01 2009

Weather: High: 16 degrees and snow showers. COLD!

Yep! Cue up the Duran Duran, we have a New Moon on Monday!

And it’s the Chinese New Year, Year of the Earth Ox to be specific. It will be a year od hard work, and a good year fro Brian since that is his sign.

As for the new Do– Best pic I have is this One:

New do and New Skelanimals Hoodie FTW!

New do and New Skelanimals Hoodie FTW!

So yeah. Now have the hairstyle of A Goth Dominatrix. WOO!

I swear I’m going to have to remember to hang my flash drive on a chain around my damn neck. Forgot it at work on Friday and had edits to work on and DID NOT HAVE THEM AT HOME!! ARGH! Needless to say I am a little pissed with myself. I instead spent a lot of time re-working the scenes with the new premise. Luckily I won’t have to overhaul too much and the meat of the story will remain intact. I’m just removing Sara from an office setting and putting her in a freelance journalist field. It gives her more flexibility and also puts a bigger target on her head.

I am ridiculously excited about the number of albums coming out in the next few months. Franz Ferdinand, VNV Nation, U2, Three Days Grace (new muse material!), Depeche Mode….GAH! I need a sec0nd income just to keep up!

Just found out Neil Gaiman won the Mother Effin’ Newbery Award for The Graveyard Book!! This makes me deliriously happy!  Someone won the award with a fantastic fantasy horror book for kids! Not a typical or expected choice (of course I’m biased because, IT’S UNCLE NEIL, DAMMIT!).

Polishing up some scenes in the manuscript. Always a dicey endeavor when you’re editing a rather graphic scene at work. OY! Not something you want to accidentally have open on your desktop when the boss stops by.    The words “thrust” and “deep” in close conjunction lead ones’ thoughts to pretty much one idea. And it defines NSFW.

So here, to end the day, have an Apocalyptica video, featuring the Muse. (AG)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Love this band, love this song…and well. There’s Adam. So what’s not to like. Besides, the song is about not letting someone stand in your way. And I’m all about that these days.

Friday at last…and my body is made of FALE.

23 01 2009

weather: High: 31 degrees, though it’s gonna plummet this afternoon. Partly sunny.

Fell on some ice yesterday and am feeling the repercussions today. Sore knee, sore hip, and both my ankles are giving me grief when I walk. So falling apart in my old age.

Have decided this weekend is not only makeover weekend but complete bloody life overhaul weekend.The hair will be getting dyed on Sunday and there are a number of other small physical things that will be dealt with this weekend as well. Workouts are starting up. Diet will be adjusted. I’d like to get my ears pierced again. Eventually that damn tattoo will get done. But this is just the physical things that need adjusting.

I’ve come to realize my spiritual and mental aspects have been even more woefully neglected.  Time will be made for meditation. And quiet time. As in no TV and music on LOW.  My brain is like a whirly gig right now and even though I’m writing, I’m not at the level I want to be. Mostly because I’m too damn distracted.

Been spending a lot of time searching through Neil Gaiman’s Journal for writing advice.  He’s a veritable fount of info and gives the best nuggets of wisdom for writers. It’s mostly just common sense, but coming form him, and the way he doles it out, it just seems much more easy to take to heart and believe.  It does quell a lot of the fear of failure I have. Not that I have any illusions of coming near to his level of writing. I aspire, granted, but do not hold my breath.

Spent most of my morning e-mailing my writer cabal and commiserating on the not joy of mid-novel ennui. Seems I’m not alone in this. It’s that wall you hit and your brain suddenly loses it’s shit and starts screaming incoherently “OMG!! WHAT HAVE  I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO HERE???”  So needless to say, I’m whacking away at the manuscript with a highlighter to trim away the crap.

On a more fun note.

This is the story how Neil Gaiman got the nickname “Scary Trousers”. It came from Alan Moore, so you can only imagine. 🙂

Ready for the weekend. New hair do. Possibly seeing Underworld this weekend. So much in the Yay column.

Thursday and I’m posting trivialities again.

23 01 2009

Weather: High: 34 Degrees (Good gods it’s a HEATWAVE) and sunny. SO a lot of melting going on.

Really busy today so probably another short post.

Bri’s attempting to break a habit so things are a little tense at home. But I’m proud of him for trying to improve his health.