Post ChristmasPocalypse! With added Christmas Crud!

26 12 2008

Weather: Schizophrenic! High: 43 Degrees and RAIN??? Just take the ice with you!

So! Christmas has come and gone and at least my sanity is intact. However, the sinus issues I had on Monday have migrated to my chest. So I’m verging on bronchitis, and trying desperately not to get it full blown. I don’t have health insurance so getting sick right now will have financial repercussions.

So,  Sick for the holidays. But I have to admit, we made out like bandits!

First off, let me tell you how amazingly smart my hubby is! He got me not one, but TWO Neil Gaiman books, (M is for Magic and The Graveyard Book), a gorgeous white fleece hoodie with faux fur lining in the hood, a cover for my i-pod, some fantastically warm fleece socks, an Azam Ali CD,  and of course, the annual make-Heidi-cry Christmas card.  We got a lot of neat stuff from the fam, including a 7 quart crockpot that we are DYING to use and some DVDs (Mamma Mia for me (Shut it, I LIKED IT!), The Fountain for Brian, and the BBC miniseries Jekyll (WOO!)), lotsa clothes, NEW BOOTS!!!, and the usual socks, underwear and whatnot. The winner of best gift this year? My mom, who bought us a 500GB external harddrive. SO HAPPY! Now I can get all the music and files off my work computer in one fell swoop!

So, swag aside, the holidays were actually pretty nice. I just wish I felt better. Kinda puts a damper on the day when your snorfling and hacking the whole time.

I’ve grown to dread the holidays anymore.  Mostly because the running around is getting taxing. That and the joy of visiting  relatives loses some glow when it becomes an obligation. With a light icing of competativeness and a sprinkle of jealous girlfriend syndrome. Yeah, just kinda dampens the “can’t wait to see you” excitement.

Christmas Eve went thusly, first off to Christmas Mass with the in-laws, then we drove off to my mum’s for Christmas dinner and pressies, then back over to Brian’s cousin’s for the Annual Open House.  By the time we got there, most were already gone, but we hung out with his cousins, discussing music (his one cousin is in a band) and  the usual small talk.  Got home around 2:00 am, shagging tired and scratchy-throated and freezing cold. (The temperature dropped 30 degrees throughout the day.)

Christmas day we slept in a bit, opened our present to each other, had a nice breakfast and veged a bit. Later, we went over to Bri’s parent’s for dinner and more presents. My cough had gotten pretty bad by the end of the evening so we headed home, and I dosed myself with some Tussinex, and subsequently was comatose shortly after.

Today, I’m just taking it easy, trying to keep my coughing to a minimum, and trying to get a little cleaning done around the house.  The weather is just crappy. It’s warmed up enough to start melting everything, but with everything iced over, the water has nowhere to go.  It’s actually supposed to thunderstorm tonight. Welcome to a Midwest Winter!

The new year is on the horizon and I’m formulating my resolutions. There will be a big post in the near future so I can lay out my plans for the next year. It’s kinda do or die time when it comes to a lot of things. Brian has already said his only major plan for next year is “Get the hell outta Dodge”. We’re definitely on the same page there.




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