19 12 2008

Weather: IT SUCKS! High: 33 degrees, wintry mix of Ice and sleet and rain and fire and brimstone and locusts….SUCKS!

Woke up to the power being out. ZOMG. Ended up washing my hair and trying to air dry it the best I could. Thank god for Casual day, because this was how I arrived at work!

Casual Day

Don’t let the smile fool you., I was in a right awful mood.

Wet feet, stomach still jacked up, power out at home, commute a nightmare… Yeah. Not much to make me smile.

Bri just called to let me know the powers come back on. Unfortunately, we have tree limbs cracking off in the front yard. One of them took out the flag pole that is mounted off the front steps. There is one big branch that is directly over our house that Bri and I are eyeing warily. One branch through the roof was enough thank you very much.

OMG I can’t believe I found this!
Jewel Performing Ave Maria LIVE.
This is the MOST beautiful version of this song. And she sings it IN LATIN!

I swear that version makes me tear up every time!

JUst stumbled across a cache of videos of onstage pranks with a bunch of bands I like. Am sitting here alternately giggling and groaning, because when I laugh I jar the bruised muscles in my sides. BUt here’s the one that just made me about have a seizure.

It’s Seether, performing Broken live. Adam from Three Days Grace usually came out to do the duet part, since Shaun originally did it with Amy Lee from Evanescence.  Adam does the first part then walks away. Hilarity ensues.

The only one that made me laugh harder was Breaking Benjamin performing “So Cold” and the other two bands (Seether & Three Days Grace) coming out on stage variously in Santa costumes, Ice Fishing on stage and Adam came barreling out in full hockey gear. TOO funny.  This is the main reason to see bands on the last night of their tours. PRANKS ENSUE.
Anyway. I’m probably going to bugger off from work early if  I can sneak out.  Half the office has left already.

Got some writing to do and some shopping to do as well.




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