Messy Wednesday, with added squee.

17 12 2008

Weather: High:23 Degrees and partly sunny. Although we’re expecting another round of sloppy ass weather tomorrow night.

Really cranked on the writing today. 1300 words over lunch so I’m beaming ear to ear!

Gonna try and get out of here at 4:30 sharp today so I can swing by the Borders on State Street to pick up a few gifts.

Just for Amusment’s sake. And just to prove that my fangirlishness is getting up to silly levels…


Yeah. The hubby’s getting me a week pass to Betty Ford.
I call it research. He calls it ZOMG! OCD!! So rude!

Anyway. Weather is going to turn a bit apocalyptic tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it.  They’re talking sleet/snow and possibly ice. Not fun.

Oh and finally? THe squee in the subject line was from the scene on Leverage last night where I got to see Eliot (Christian Kane) was riding a horse. I was done at that  point. But then they had to use a Kane song as back drop for another scene and that just made the whimpering worse. My poor husband has to put up with this EVERY WEEK.

I really really love this show!

Off to shop.




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