Day two of Subarctic Weather.

16 12 2008

Weather:  High: 23 degrees with heavy snowshowers in the pm.

Okay, Seriously? The weather in Chicago was colder than BARROW, ALASKA!!! Yes, the most NORTHERN TOWN in Alaska! I blame Blagojevich!

Brought my Three Days Grace DVD with me to work, so I could watch the lads over my lunch hour. Sigh. Well at least it inspired me to get more writing done. You’d almost think I was writing Band!Fic with as much as I’ve been focused on them, but it’s really not.

The bod is rebelling right now, mostly due to it being..well THAT time and all.

It’s snowing like a mother now. Great. The hike to the train should be interesting to say the least!
Bri just called. The roads are insanely slick. Great. And me with flashbacks from my car accident years ago, this should be fun. Ah well, tis winter in the Midwest, what ya gonna do?

I really wish we had some spare money floating around because I’d love to get Brian the Rosetta Stone for Irish set. But at $400 there’s just no way I can make it.  ::cries::

GOtta dash. Cross fingers fro a safe trip home.




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