Bitter Cold out and bitter cold in!

15 12 2008

Weather: High: 13 degrees!!!!  & sunny. (Like it matters!)
Windchill now: -20 (YES THAT READS MINUS!)

Here’s the rub–last night at 8:00 it was 50 DEGREES!!

The roads are a virtual ice skating rink and Hammond is doing its usal crap job of salting the roads. Sigh.

Can’t seem to get in the holiday spirit. I’ve tried. But no use. The music annoys me and the annual family dramafest has kicked in , making Christmas one more thing to “just get through” rather than enjoy. I’m really getting tired of all this BS competition every year. MAye putting a couple thousand miles between us and the source of the drama might actually get my love of the season back. Yule is second only to Halloween for me.

Okay, just skip the next bit because it’s just me indulging in OCD behaviour:

Three Days Grace: Scared (Live from the Palace)

Possibly tons of snow tonight….Gah!



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