A cold and dreary Wednesday…

10 12 2008

Weather: High 31 degrees and partly sunny. BUT icy conditions out there!

Gah! I like winter but I really hate when it gets icy out! I half skated to the office this morning because there was black ice on all the sidewalks. And of course wearing trainers that have little to no tread doesn’t help. I hate the half-second  when you’re trying to course correct because your foot has slipped. Near Heart attack for me every time.

Leverage was made of awesome last night. One of my favorite phrases got used (“I think I just threw up a little in my mouth there”) and got to see Christian Kane be awesomely hot, throwing down and smirking that evil little smirk of his! Yes…it’s a twisted obsession with me and that man.

Devon’s knocking at my skull again. Need to get back to the writing pace I had last week. This week is replete with FALE.

Had a bizarre dream last night. Just a few notes for my memory jogging. Saudra. Welcome Woods. Theresa in a sun dress chasing the phone guy with a Fed Ex box. Who is John (Because I know I didn’t mean my brother.) Why did the shadow have the extended Bali-esque fingernails? (And yes, feel free to back away slowly. I have NO IDEA where this stuff comes from.)

Looks like it’s quitting time.  So I’ll be dashing off to the train…make that walking in little mincey steps to the train.  Sigh.




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