ZOMG! How is it MONDAY again?

8 12 2008

Weather: High:33 degrees and cloudy with possible rain later. This weather is making me want to drink!

today is not shaping up as a good day. I’m in a rock bottom rotten mood. WE ended up having to drive up to Chicago today because the trains were running 30 minutes late. So no 8 block hike, but I’m stuck here till Brian is ready to leave work. And we have crappy weather to drive home in.Add in my already staggering burn out with my job and I’m just a ball of no fun today.

We did get a huge number of cards done last night, but we have a bit more to do. So my writer’s cramp will not see much release anytime soon.

Didn’t get much writing done over my lunch hour today, mostly because people wouldn’t leave me alone. Sigh.

LOVED Leverage last night! SUCH a good show:

Anyway. It’s been a bear of a day and it’s gonna be a long evening what with the card writing and the other stuff too.

Hopefully I can carve out an hour to watch Heroes and some time to write tonight. Zee word count has been sad the past few days!




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