The exciting life of a tech drone with pretensions of literary brilliance.

5 12 2008

weather: high: 22 degrees & partly sunny but ZOMG SO COLD THIS MORNING! 10 degrees and -6 windchill!!

The walk in was…bracing is not quite the word. FUCKING COLD seems better.

Spent the morning thawig out in training and part of this afternoon doing some practice runs on the new document management software. Seems very cool. We’ll see how the rest of the office takes to it.

I’m soing some revisioning on “When the Lights Go Down”, mostly to try and make it more a vampire novel with romantic notions and not the opposite, which is not as appealing for me.  Every novelist I know goes through a period of “Am I falling into the cliche trap” when it comes to genre fiction.  It’s the worry that your writing efforts will result in a novel that falls on the crap side of the genre. Vampires are a glut on the market right now, and unfortunately are targetted by the snark police and the nose holding elitists.  Add in the canon nazis and you pretty much are guaranteed to get your novel trashed from some corner. Alas, it’s the nature of the beast, if you’ll pardon the phrase.

I can’t worry about that though. I’m just gonna get the damn thing finished, polish it and hope it’s publishable. I do have other stories on the stove that need my attention as well.

Heading off to our company Holiday Party shortly. Not really looking forward to it, except that it’s time out of the office and an opportunity to go home early. I’m not a big drinker, and I don’t really hang out with my co-workers. Needless to say, there’s not much to be an appeal here. We do have a raffle, which results in cash, so I can’t bitch there.

Tonight is gonna be card writing night. And there is grocery shopping to be done. Woo my life is to be envied in it’s excitement. Meh.

This weekend will probably be Christmas gift making weekend as well. At least there’s some fun involved there! And Bri is gonna take a chance to put up the Christmas tree– Let’s see how long Snoots lets it stand untouched. I’m thinking minutes is the measure of time.

Outta here.




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